Proposal on where we should head to

Dear Martians,

Following the yesterday’s AMA the impression is that some people got disappointed with the progress and choice of the development, others understood the path that MC is walking on at the moment. I would put myself into the second category, but I would also like to see the quests and features development flourish, and create a “real” utility, and addicting game-play. Also, I do get that it is a huge thing to make, and that it would take years to have a full 3D open world with connected planets and cross-chain functionalities.

Here’s what I think we should focus on, long term:

  • multiplayer - this is the first and the biggest pillar for game to be fun, addictive and enjoyable to play
  • missions(quests) - going on missions that have a different natures and rewards, while being interactive and some of them needing more than one Martian to finish it(multiplayer). It can be as easy as walking and collecting the materials on the ground, or in the water. And it can go to something harder as defeating a small or huge creatures on the Mars, in space, or any other planet alone, or with help of other Martians.

Here is something that I’ve found online, that might represent the current situation, or at least what looks like the majority thinks of it. It is the evolution of game-play and visuals of the No Man’s Sky game. I’m not saying to just rip it off and put it on blockchain. What I’m saying is that we have much to learn from it, and that a lot of features can be inspired from that game with a touch of our development and community understandings of how it should look like.

Here’s the video explainign the evolution of the game:

And if you want a game-play there’s a plenty on yt. But here’s something most will appreciate… The huge worm:

When I was signing up and started buying land from the first day, I’ve imagined the game-play to be something like that. A rich, multiplayer open world interconnected with other chains, where people can join or go alone on a fun and addictive missions. I’ve imagined playing firstly for fun, and having the UBI as a secondary thing that just comes with it, you don’t think about UBI, it’s just happening while you are having a lot of fun playing the game.

What should we do now

I see it like this.. We need to have a complete road-map and long term vision for the project. But it needs to be specific, with a clear vision of everything. That way people who are into it right now will know for sure if this is the right thing for them or not. We also need estimates for when all the features from the road-map are going to be implemented, both for big and small objectives. I know that time planning as a developer is one of the most ungrateful thing to do, but it needs to be done, and it's certainly not impossible. I say this as a software team lead, where among other things I need to deliver time estimates, and then the company works according to those plans.

I'm saying all this as a friend, and as a fan of MC idea. I am completely open to help in any aspect of the game and business development, as much as I know.
As a person I like to create and comment on ideas, I like to discuss, because that's how we can get the best out of every discussion. I firmly believe that you can get the best out of the ideas only when you brainstorm it with a group of people who are intelligent and dedicated to the project's success. Feel free to ping me whenever you want if you think I can bring value to the project.

All best,
Andi ✌🏻

Also I would like to ask @father @brother or @eugenefinch to start recording all the gatherings(Discord, Twitter, or any other platform that exists and meetings are happening), because it’s nice to have a transparent archive of what have been going on.
Another huge point is that due to the time zones, and people’s obligations in real life: families and friends gathering, jobs, and who knows what more, I think most would like to listen to the recording in the free time if they can’t make it live.
In case I’m not speaking for the majority of the community, I am at least speaking for myself. I would really appreciate the recordings, so I can watch it in peace on YT. Most of the times when the AMAs are happening, I am at work or the time zone is not good for me.

Btw, @brother thank you so much for making events in the Discord, it’s really a helpful thing. Now I can easily know when the event is happening without needing to convert timezones and I can get notifications for those event. It pretty awesome!

Andi :v:t2::blue_heart:

I took a break for two weeks from crypto and it seemed the whole project went to crap. A bit of a shocker to say the least. Let’s get our heads out of the sand core team, and get in sync with what the community wants. I’m not trying to stir the pot, I’m just trying to get accountability back into play as is the rest of the community. We are all invested in this and want to see it succeed. The end goal is the same, we just need to get on the same sheet of music and start playing together in Harmony! Pun intended. Get a fully functioning game up with all epochs promised in the whitepaper and tokenomics before moving on to other things. You have an entire community waiting, patiently I might add. @father @eugenefinch @brother

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@Petr01 @AgentGreenStix @FitzRoy @Durb @TdxTri and to all others that might like this post.
Also to @father @brother @eugenefinch and other Team members. - First of all I hope you’ll find time to read this thread as well as other threads that have formed since the last AMA.

Intro: What I wanted to add on the original post

I think now is the right time to recreate the road-map, but with the community, because most of the people that are left, are here for the project's vision and to have fun while playing the game. I think that we, who are left, are a good representation of what a real MC enthusiast wants to see.

Most of us are probably deep in loss with the project, but we are obviously here for the good times, and the investment is going to come back if we end up having fun here as a community. And to have fun we need to function as one.

Generally about the market condition

The Team members shouldn't feel pressure if the token value is decreasing during a global bear market. It's that time of the market and probably nothing can be done to stop it long term until the next hype cycle begins. I would even argue that even if we had a full fledged game with all the utilities, during this times the token price would go down severely, and I don't look at it as a problem during this times.

What we should pay attention to is what the community is expecting, and if we end up functioning healthy as a community, we are going to see the next crypto bull run. So it is important to listen what the remaining investors have to say, what we think is the future for the Mars Colony development.

My Initial Expectations

To be honest, I didn't imagined this game as just a mouse clicking game(current stage). I've imagined it as an immersive AAA game, just like the one I have commented on in the original post(No Man’s Sky). I think that game is everything we, or at least I, wanted Mars to be as far as graphics go.
Of course there's more to Mars than just graphics. But like it or not, it's one of the deciding factors.

Like I said, I've voted for a 3D long term, just like the majority did:

At the moment and stage we are in, I am fine to have this compromise until the development team is ready to release the base missions and other base functionalities. Then they should start focusing on creating a 3D game in the near future(ideally before the end of a year).

Call to discuss

If taken this into the consideration, the Team is going to keep my full support.
But I would like to know what are you thinking? Both Team members and the Community members.

Hey guys, I am on it. Preparing a post with the response…


Everyone is on edge with the value of CLNY tanking, UST collapse, being a bear market etc. Me included in all 3 unfortunately. But besides the point leading a community is difficult and you guys are doing what you can. My suggestion is focus on gameplay, make this actually a game. P2E games are the future and you’re at the forefront.
Nothing should be more important then making this a real multiplayer game, something somewhat fun that can level up avatars and make $ in our pockets at the same time. You do this and every other problem will get solved. These avatars missions are extremely disappointing and should not have been released. Someone should have seen that coming which is the biggest red flag I’ve seen. Forget other chains, forget the philosophical stuff just make this a real game and fast.
At least that’s my opinion, I’ve purchased my space tickets and am on for the ride. Hope you can get it pointed in the right direction.

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I like this thread and want to reiterate the fact that we need this more than ever now. I also wrote a piece on the project governance side here’s the link have a read

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hey guys, please jump in this thread. We are trying to address most of the concerns:

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Thanks, let’s make Colony great :smiley:

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Yeah :rocket: :rocket:

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