Removal of Timers on Missions while we wait for better features to be implemented

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I don’t know if you wrote this proposal before or after they reduced the time to 1 minute.
If you are suggesting to remove the timer from 1 minute to nothing, they might as well remove the mission :smiley: If not, I hope you would agree that having a 1 minute timer for such a “mission” is a good compromise.

The mission in itself is just as embarrassing and disappointing with or without the timer. So that changes nothing. How about another check box for make some at least average playable missions…

I think no one argues with that, even no one from the MC team. They said it’s bad, just like we have pointed it out.
They are already working on building two more missions. One is going to be a decryption mission, and the other one is going to be a mining mission.
Take a look at the plan:

I’m hoping for the best. :crossed_fingers:t2:

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