Revenue share mechanics

Hello everyone!

In this post i will try to explain how revenue share feature will work.

  • Revenue share is the first part of the play-2-earn transitioning explained in this post.

  • Revenue share feature will allow Explorers (Avatar owners) to earn CLNY by making missions on the Base Station.

  • Default Revenue share is 75%/25% (Landlord/Avatar owner).

  • In the UI (both in Account menu and Mission terminal is shown Explorer’s part of the share.

  • If user plays mission on their land they will get 100% of rewards.

User interface:

To see revenue share function Architect (Landlord) should turn on Lands sharing, after it user can press on revenue share to choose the part that will earn Explorers (Avatar owners) and sign a transaction in the wallet.

Explorer (Avatar owner) will see revenue share that Architect (Landlord) have set on the rewards screen near missions amount

Revenue share logic with example:

We take CLNY passive income from Power Plant into active income from missions played by Explorers (Avatar owners):

  • LVL 1 PP (Power Plant) - 2 Missions = 2 CLNY
  • LVL 2 PP - 3 Missions = 3 CLNY
  • LVL 3 PP - 4 Missions = 4 CLNY

Another important thing that is worth to mention is Rewards multiplier set on each Mission type

It affects only Explorers (Avatar owners) by reducing earned CLNY from mission based on the mission type and difficulty

So let’s see an example on the share from mission:

1 Mission = 1 CLNY spread between Architect (Landlord) and Explorer (Avatar owner) based on set revenue share by Architect (Landlord)

Architect (Landlord) set 25% revenue share to the Explorer (Avatar owners) so when Explorer passes mission successfully:

  1. Architect (Landlord) gets 75% of 1 CLNY from this mission which is 0.75 CLNY and it will be added in the CLNY earned balance so user needs to claim it.

  2. Explorer (Avatar owner) gets 25% of 1 CLNY which is 0.25 CLNY but this amount is also multiplied on Rewards multiplier based on mission type so if it was Coding challenge Explorer gets only 0.25 CLNY * 0.75 multiplier = 0.1875 CLNY.


What do land owners get for sharing or allowing other Avatars to play on their plots?

Maybe we should consider an exchange for XP using the same % share which can be allocated by land owners to their avatars or sold on the open market.

So if the explorer fails the mission, the architect loses CLNY?!

Lands don’t loose missions on fail, only Avatars do


Thanks for the clarification!

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Still struggling to see how land owners will benefit from this

Is there something like “share with guild members only” planed?


what happens to the emissions if no mission is run?

Where do the rest of the avatar rewards go if the mission multiplier is less than 100%?

Is this for harmony too? Or is everything on polygon?

@Lyagushka Any ways to landlords to promote their plots with higer shares? Are plots with highest reward for colonists come first in list?

its only on harmony now, it will be on polygon when we’ll launch missions there

if it’s less than 100%, then its just minted less

yes, best shares for avatars are in priority

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Hi I was running missions yesterday after the update. I have a few questions.
Earnings on my land are 8 $CLNY/day, 2 $CLNY is coming from the power plant. Does that mean that if I or noone else do not run missions on my land, I’ll be getting 6 $CLNY/day passively, and 2 will not be minted?
I was running missions on my land, and I was getting 0.15 $CLNY, not the full 2 $CLNY.
I do not completely understand how the revenue share works at the moment.

Hi! You are almost right.
1.85 (= 2 - 0.15) CLNY were added to not claimed CLNY value on the land – so you can see them added to ‘earned CLNY’ and claim with others

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power plant lvl 1 gives you 2 missions and 2 CLNY so 1 CLNY is spread between land and avatar in 1 mission
if you have played 1 mission and get 0.15 CLNY you automatically get rest 0.85 CLNY to the unclaimed CLNY rewards in the lands section if you’re an owner of this land too


Thanks guys!
Just to check if I got it right. Let’s say my power plant is lvl 2, and it was passively earning me 2 $CLNY/day. Now when we have a revenue share, and I’m playing on my land, I’ll be getting those 0.15 directly to the wallet, and the other 0.75 would go to the $CLNY balance collected from lands that I can collect immediately after the mission is successfully done?

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Can we have more clarity on what happens to passive income when no missions are played?

I understand that P2E is aimed at Avatars and gives them a chance to earn CLNY, from these plots. If avatars choose not to play, then does this mean the plots resume mining 100% CLNY?

That’s an interesting question. The land is probably getting 0 rewards in $CLNY if noone plays the mission on that land.

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