Should we change the Harmony CLNY Mint speed short-term?

I’m just catching up on the AMA sessions, and on one of the most recent ones (12.05.22) it was mentioned that we do hold the ability to change the Harmony CLNY Mint speed per day.

Despite the fact that this sounds negative, as we’d be reducing the amount of CLNY we own, I’m starting to wonder whether this is something us Martian Landowners should be pushing for/ voting on in the short-term at least.

Right now we’re faced with a few challenges:

  • we have far too much CLNY in circulation
  • we’re waiting for more comprehensive gameplay to start to soak up some of this CLNY supply
  • we need to keep attracting new users to our world(s) to create a beautiful community and thriving game

Basic supply and demand states if we’re all sitting on lots of CLNY which has no current use, the price of CLNY has been driven down over the last 5 months from $20 per coin to currently $0.06 per coin. We can expect this to start going up as more burn mechanisms are introduced, but that heavily depends on how much active participation we have on Harmony, and how aggressive these burn mechanisms are. If we have a huge amount of CLNY in circulation, it may take a really long time to get CLNY back to even $1 per coin, so if we’re all in this for the long-run, perhaps we should consider reducing our output of CLNY whilst we let the current circulating supply get burned off which in turn will make CLNY more scarce and valuable?

Having a scarce and valuable currency is essential when trying to attract more users who want to buy in early to Harmony/Polygon. For me it was a no-brainer when I initially came across Mars Colony and realised this wasn’t just your typical NFT jpeg and that you were buying into a virtual land which you could build on, and that in turn produced a coin that had a monetary value and that we could have fun in this world with friends whilst potentially earning financially. This was a major appeal to me and right now I think that appeal is dampened, and definitely exacerbated by this bear market where people will be less adverse to ‘risks’ in altcoins & NFTs whilst they wait for things to sort themselves out.

However you feel about the Polygon launch, at least we know thats out of the way now and gamification is coming. Play time and burn time. This Polygon launch will most likely add more CLNY into the supply which won’t help, however hopefully when the two worlds are bridged, we’ll be seeing a lot of users who want to take advantage of the current price of CLNY and upgrade their land which should help soak up the existing CLNY supply and make it more scarce. Perhaps in the meantime we should do our bit and reduce our CLNY output so we don’t get ourselves to a point where we are playing for very little reward, or stop playing all together.

Whether you’re in this because you love innovative gaming and want to be part of a fascinating community which combines all of our interests into a single product… or you want to find the next thing that moons, either way the best route to achieving this is to reduce our CLNY output, burn as much of the excess supply as possible and start to inflate the value of our Martian currency

Would also be good to establish timelines with developers on the following:

  • when additional missions and other gamifications aspects will be ready for launch
  • when they forecast the bridge between Mars Colony and Polygon will be implemented
  • any additional rules/mechanisms which could be introduced, e.g. 55% of plots produce >= 8 CLNY/Day. Should land reach a certain level to be deemed ‘avatar playable’?

Very keen to hear all of your thoughts, whether you agree or disagree and any reasoning why.

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Feel like its a little too late for that. Devs should have had clny value in mind since the start and they didnt and this is the results.

Let’s put time and effort into creating value rather than backwards steps.
What low hanging fruit is there (so to speak) which we can use to create interest and value in CLNY token? The token performance is a giant redflag for an outsider looking in. Spin it or sugarcoat it however you like but we have lost people and who knows how many have skimmed over our project, cringed and kept scrolling?
Asking people to upgrade based off future in game utility is a bit slack IMO. That’s what we have been doing this whole time and it has just been eating up our money and diluting our profits.
We need utility and something to market and interest people.
We can’t keep selling promises.


No! Focus on utility and game development. More missions, a bank for saving, a real utility for CLNY is needed. The idea of lockups and slowed rate of production is a band-aid, need to focus on getting utility up and running. Simple as that.