[Team Request] Publish Release Notes

Hey Team,

Great job the updates and fixes I noticed this past week. Of them, the ones that were obvious were:

  • Total CLNY accumulated displayed next to claim button

  • The magnifying glass button to zoom to your land

These are some very nice quality of life improvements to the application, so thank you for the timely releases the past week.

I encourage going forward publishing release notes everytime you deploy an update or fix to mainnet – even if it is just tiny minor release.


Because for one, we love to see the progress being made, and release notes would be a nice tangible reminder for the community that work is chugging along, even if a major release is still in development.

Also, while it’s a nice surprise to discover an update or fix was made, not everyone will notice everything, so publishing release notes will help inform everyone, so that all the team’s work doesn’t go unnoticed, you know. :yum:

Lastly, publishing release notes could be useful marketing tool, as well. You can publish the same release notes to Discord, Telegram, and this community forum to inform the active community. However, publishing your release notes to Twitter will be a useful marketing tool, allowing the community to retweet and spread awareness of the progress of the project.

If you’d like some community help in drafting release notes, feel free to reach out. I’d be happy to gather your notes, type them up in a clean and presentable way, and return them to you to post to the public.

Thanks for your work.

Let’s keep the momentum going. :sunglasses: