THE MEGAPROJECT - A Solution to all our problems!

Okay I am going to give it to you straight. The avatar idea was a dumb way to start this off, especially with the delays. At 30 clny, you arent stopping the “inflation” that is apparent so bad.

Here’s what we need to do: MEGAPROJECTS

Before humans can land on earth, they need a way to safely arrive and acclimate to mars. Space ships, oxygen generators, water production, orbital stations, etc.

How do we do this within the rules and tokenomics of the game? SIMPLE, we treat mars land and clny as a pre-game infrastructure building/investment.

What do I mean? I mean that we haven’t even started the game yet. I mean that nobody has arrived on mars and there is nothing for martians to do except die horribly when their space suit malfunctions during an EVA. As far as the lore goes, there are just some robots operating remotely on the maritain surface collecting materials needed to build stuff. So how do we provide the appropriate infrastructure to allow the game to play correctly? WE BUILD IT.

We introduce guilds and start the monolith megaproject:
Each project is an immense effort to build the necessary structures needed to bring about human colonization from earth: You use clny to buy “materials”, with each person who contributes material to build the project getting a proportional share for providing those materials. Then you make people race to acquire the resources to build them. It burns the “material” nft and leaves you with a new nft that generates x% of all transactions of non-clny (one/resources/etc) of the game using that thing in perpetuity.

  1. Colony ship(s): A massive ship that brings colonists from earth to mars. This ship is a behemoth, requiring hundreds of thousands of clny to produce. If you contribute to the production of the colony ship, you are given a percentage of the mint costs received for all future avatar/colonists arriving to the planet. Production cost? 1m clny. Estimated construction time assuming full circulating clny of mars used to produce the ship? One month from date of clny burn. Minimum investment requirement? 1000 clny.

  2. Home station(s): The home station is a marvel of human technology. After a colony ship docks with the station, all avatars are “awakened” from their sleep and given a place to call home and to look for work. From the home station, colonists can be dropped to mars via shuttle to the surface. Colonists live on the home station while mars is being transformed into a habitable planet. Each colonist is charged a simple tax of x% of their daily yield each day as rent. Production cost: 1m clny. Production time? 1m from date of burn. Minimum requirement? 1000 clny.

  3. The geofront: A massive cavernous industrial city located underneath the martian surface. This is where all mining and industrial output is accomplished. Unlike the other megaprojects, this project is continuously growing and requiring more clny to develop new industries, native farming, water and oxygen production as well as improving yields and producing or find new resources for the rapidly expanding colonies above. Cost? Floats with clny inflation. The more clny in circulation, the more expensive it costs in clny. Works just like the real world.

  4. Future projects - Unknown technologies are hidden beneath the planet’s surface, and the land guilds strong enough to brave the trials and horrors that lurk beneath the red planet’s surface will be grossly rewarded.

There you go, no need to give anyone else clny, no need to kill emissions. No need to screw the core mechanics. With this, you just have dudes optimizing their burns and incomes to buy access to a portion of the future game income. You reward people willing to sacrifice clny now for future yield. Those who want to sell clny can do so, but they lose access to potentially very profitable future game income.


This seems like additional layers of needless complexity and a bit redundant with the current three building types already introduced? I don’t think it would be implemented quickly, since it took us months to get this far. Avatars both paid and free were always the gateway to add additional users and interest in the game. I don’t think going back to the drawing board at this point would be productive for the price of CLNY or the project. Thank you for putting time and thought into the project though.

How is this additional layers of complexity? You dont even need to show these things as they are either in space or underground. This merely adds an “expense” to throw clny at that gives people who own clny a way to invest in the future of the game in a way that gives clny a reason to exist. I also think that colonists should have a mint price outside the game token to allow people to buy into the game from an already established on-ramp such as one or tranq etc. The building types introduced to date is power, transport and robotics. These are terrestrial projects and suited for the individual lands themselves with nothing to add to the lore of the game. As far as I am aware, they are only valuable to generate clny which is currently used for??? Nothing.

Give them a usage for the pregame. The game itself should be a completely different economic system as clny is too basic in my mind and would also be mined to fast to give us long term economic usage.

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Would appreciate it if you could add a tokenomics loop for the rewards w or w/o new tokens. For example unless the upgrade is purely cosmetic, Spending 1000 CLNY will have to result in X returns over X timeframe to entice anyone to build. What kind of returns in terms of APR should something like this have?

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I would say this is less of an apr and more of a passive investing plan to replace the requirement of clny production in the future. Betting on the idea that the game will do well by transferring current yield into a riskier but potentially more rewarding long term % of future game revenue created by minting or missions/etc for the foreseeable future.

Since we do not have a game up yet, I cannot project any financials.

But if you want to run through this logically, let us give an example:

  1. Burning 3m clny for example (and this number can be modified based on the desire to maximize burning) would give us a total burned clny currently of around 7 million. A nice 75% increase to date.
  2. The burning would deplete clny enough to slow land improvement speed pretty drastically and increase the time it would take to mint all clny. Larger investors would be basically increasing the long term value of clny by introducing a new way to decrease supply.

Anyways, let’s say that we are selling g1 avatars, 21k at 2000 one each (for example).
42m One would enter the ecosystem from this mint via the colony ship function. Those that contributed towards the 1m clny burn would be getting something like $6/clny if they took all the proceeds. Let’s say they get half, thats $3/clny income passively for the first mint and whatever successive mints afterwards.

If we were to say avatars were human and capable of dying, there may be a few mintings per year, maybe once per month even. That can translate into a decent amount of income in the future. The economics here would depend on how permanent the avatars are and the value they generate before being replaced or breeding/minting a new set.

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Hey @Calvinhere !

Thank you for your contribution with ideas. I think the idea with megaproject is very smart and we definitely should move towards it. At the same time, the last Community Call shows that we need to set up a governance framework asap, to allow Landlords to make faster decisions, on such types of questions.

@Calvinhere would you like to lead one of these Megaprojects? :thinking:

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@father How can I help?

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