Thougts on LPs, recent price action and some suggestions

I was analyzing what was happening recently and those are my thoughts.

I think that the recent price action is mostly due to the whole mess about LPs.
People were waiting for some juicy APR and were gathering clny. Especially big-bag-quick-flip-short-time investors. When we got the announcement that APR is going to be on the level of 50% expectations meet reality and we had a big sell off of cnly and plots.

I was thinking about the target group of LPs and I couldn’t find it. Who will invest in it?

For Martians it’s far more profitable to upgrade then to put cnly into LPs.
I cannot imagine anybody who is not involved in MC to buy cnly to put it into LPs. They have at least a few better options. I would pick jewel-one for sure as APR is much better and jewel has proven its value.

After discussing it on discord I’ve found one use case for LPs. It’s when somebody is gathering cnly to upgrade plot or just waiting to sell it later.

I think that the above use case for LPs is just a small use case and cannot satisfy all this LP rush and everyday “when LPs?” questions.

Topic to consider:
I know that devs do not like the idea of locked LPs but maybe we could consider it.
With high APR and some reasonable lock percentage and period we would just postpone supply of cnly to the moment when we have more use cases for it. Additionally high APR with a locked period would attract outsiders who would stay around MC for long.

On the other hand I think that this plot price shake out is in fact a good thing. There are a lot of people having 100+ plots who don’t care about the project and just want to quickly flip plots. They are selling their plots now, sometimes for a very good price. Maybe that’s time that we could use a bit of marketing to attract new people who would value their plots more than flip investors.


We don’t need locked rewards just cause DFK has it, We don’t have the same supply, CLNY supply is much lower, and is planned to go toward upgrading lands, locking it away is just gonna rise unnecessary problems.

If whales/Flippers aren’t happy about 50% APR no locked rewards … fine, more CLNY and lands to the players and real believers of the project

EDIT: Viperswap also have locked rewards, even at 90% locked and the price didn’t appreciate as much as DFK, so Locked/unlocked isn’t really the solution, it’s the use case and incentivising token holders, that’s what DFK does better than any other project, is forcing users to hold their JEWEL with airdrops and snapshots and future promises and delivering, which MC doesn’t have yet


Well said buddy! high five!

You make good points about locking/not locking, and I get why people think LP release is a “mess”, but to be honest releasing LP in less than a month in any project is wild, and people are just impatient. (Great questions and points, my disagreement is not a criticism)

We ideologically believe in freedom of movement and ownership, so unless there are extremely convincing reasons to do so, we won’t lock it. Upgrading bases is a limited path. It is more profitable (especially as LP isn’t released yet) to upgrade your bases ASAP and generate more CLNY per day. But there will be stages of new improvements released, and when Martians have maxed out each stage, they’ll need to do something else with their CLNY. LP is one of those things, lending/borrowing is another, investing is another, trading is another, cross-chain trades yet another, etc. The options will only continue to grow, and profit won’t be the main determining factor for a person’s decisions. There is “game” in GameFi, after all.

My friends at Unix have a saying: “It’s not play-to-earn, it’s play-AND-earn. Entertainment and gaming is the focus”.

Of course, the blockchain colonization model will be a huge factor, so money won’t ever completely go away. But,

I see price going down, and I frankly couldn’t care less.

Not because it’s “wrong” to be here for profit, but because that’s mind-blowingly short-sighted of people. Not that I’m not short-sighted in other areas, but allow me to help with some perspective in this context:

I warned about this in the AMA — The current CLNY price is nowhere near representative of what it will be when you actually have varied opportunities to use it.

That could be higher, it could be lower. I don’t know. But the price is not the only measure of profit opportunity, here, either. DeFi is about using your crypto, and many of the ways you can use it will earn you money.

So, the price at the moment is so insignificant that in two months it will look completely different. And again in a year. You get the picture.