Towards promotion and on boarding new colonists

Hello Mars Fam,

I’ve just created a dedicated Twitter page for promoting our great colony. I will be posting news, updates and much more regularly in order to get the word out there. As this is a community driven project it is up to us to take the initiative of recruitment. I call it the Mars Initiative. Please follow. :slight_smile:

Twitter handle: @MarsCLNY

As part of the initiative I implore you all to continuously use the hashtags #marscolony and #marsfam on Twitter.

Let’s do this work ourselves so the devs can continue to do what they do best.

Much love,
Rutherford (aka Ares)

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Very cool. Question – is there some place to find the number of CLNY tokens that are still available? For example, how long will the CLNY/day reward continue? Trying to balance $ investment with holding tokens.

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Good question. I’ve actually been meaning to post a new thread asking the devs if it’s possible to see an updated count of minted $CLNY and the amount that’s been burned. Circulating supply can be found on

For perspective, the last time I calculated the mint speed it was approx. 31,000 CLNY per day. If this was the minting speed from day one and no tokens were burned it would take about 12.8 years to reach max supply.

I’ve heard some concerns over what happens when all plots are fully upgraded to earn 14 CLNY a day. It takes 2,640 CLNY to fully upgrade one plot which is very expensive if you were to trade your ONE for CLNY and either way in the process 55,440,000 will be burned. Plus in the future I believe there will be other items (NFTs) that you can purchase and the CLNY used to purchase would then be burned adding to deflation.

I get your concern and there is going to be a point where the max supply is reached but not for a while. For instance there’s only one plot earning 12/day and just 190 earning 8/day. My guess is by the time we even get close to that point the game will be much more developed and inflationary concerns will be addressed via new mechanics in the game.

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