Voyage beyond the Tear - Reserving your Polygon plot

TUTORIAL: How to bridge Harmony<>Polygon

Guild Zero has been through the Tear and made contact with the new planet, currently codenamed Polygon.

They’ve returned contact and relayed that conditions, while harsh, are relatively safe for colonists to join.

If you’re an adventurer looking to help set up the second colony, now’s your chance.

Our best guess, according to current data, suggests the Tear leads to an alternate universe. We aren’t completely certain, but essentially, the solar system that the planet Polygon is at home in is almost identical to our own, despite this planet (where Mars is in our solar system) being much colder and with a higher water content. To support this multiverse thesis, our telescopes aboard station Constantine (which gZero boarded and traveled through the Tear in) reveal a galaxy nearly identical to our own in the position of planets and star systems.

There even appears to be a version of “Earth” with living beings on it, though we aren’t sure if they call their planet Earth or how their civilization operates, as we haven’t made contact yet.

Polygon Allowlist

We plan to set up a second colony on this blue planet as the next in a series of inter-planetary colonies.

We’re dividing the planet into the same 21,000 plots as we did here on Mars, and reserving 7,000 of those plots for the members of our current universe (which we’re calling Harmony, because we thought of it as the unified universe, until we discovered another).

The new planet will be named by players on that new planet in the near future.

We’re limiting it to 7,000, however, because our goal isn’t to “own” this planet. It doesn’t belong to us, but to the residents of its own universe, so we’re simply kickstarting a colony before inviting the residents of that “mirror Earth”.

It will be a multi-month process from mint to avatars and then missions, and the development of our own colony will progress as normal the entire time, because in-game features apply to all chains.

How the second colonization process works

Every martian that owns an MC NFT will have their 0x address added to the allowlist.

This means that any of you can reserve plots on the planet, as many as you want, until the 7,000 limit is reached. The next 7,000 will be reserved for guilds of the alternate universe, and the final 7,000 opened to a public launch at the end of this month.

Step 1: Add Polygon to MetaMask

If you own MC NFTs, your 0x address has been added to the allowlist. All you need to do to be ready is add the Polygon network to your MetaMask.

Step 2: Acquire 210 MATIC per plot

The allowlist reservation price per plot is 210 MATIC. This is a subsidized/discounted rate for early pioneers of the colony, and the price will rise to 410 MATIC at public mint.

Step 3: Mint

On May 12 at 10am ET, the allowlist mint will open.

When this happens, simply log into your dashboard at with the Polygon network selected in MetaMask, and you’ll see a button to mint land.

You will be able to mint as many as you choose until the 7,000 limit has been reached.

Because the allowlist has a limited mint, it is possible that the allowlist will sell out before you get a chance to mint, even if you’re on it. The allowlist does not guarantee a plot, it just limits competition.

Harmony bonus NFT

To reward the bravery and support of current colonists, all Martians from Harmony who reserve land on Polygon will receive a limited NFT loot box here on Harmony, to be opened during a special event.


Is Mars Colony leaving Harmony?

Absolutely not, and it never will. The core team is not leaving Harmony, and because the mint doesn’t require dev resources, game development will continue just as fast as if we weren’t starting a second colony. If all goes well, resources submitted to reserve your plots will be used to greatly increase the size of Martian Command, your core developers, so that DeFi tools and game development can occur simultaneously, and more quickly.

All Polygon colonists will join our same Discord and we’ll all get to explore our different cultures and worlds.

What is the currency of the new colony?

CLNY token is the currency of every colony, regardless of planet. This creates a unified economy that becomes more and more stable the more colonies are created and filled.

When will lands start minting CLNY?

All land, including allowlist mints, will begin minting CLNY after the public sale has started, to ensure everyone has an equal start.

How much CLNY will land on Polygon mint?

See answer

While the distribution of tokens remains the same as it does for Harmony, the minting speed will be slower on Polygon.

The Mother Colony, Harmony, is minting at the speed necessary to ensure enough CLNY for a fluid gameplay experience once regular burns are introduced. Now that we have a colony producing money quickly enough to kickstart the monetary supply, each colony formed after can have its money supply focused on different things.

For Polygon, the focus of minting speed is the longevity of access to CLNY. This may be repeated in further colonies, or later colonies can have their minting schedule oriented around another goal that arises which will be best for the Colony as a whole. A fluid and flexible economy is a key strength of an interconnected Colony.

The full Polygon plot mint schedule is:

Colony Age NFT Holders Treasury Mining
49% 31% 20%
Year 1 21,000,000 10,290,000 6,510,000 4,200,000
Year 2 18,081,000 8,859,690 5,605,110 3,616,200
Year 3 15,567,741 7,628,193 4,826,000 3,113,548
Year 4 13,403,825 6,567,874 4,155,186 2,680,765
Year 5 11,540,693 5,654,940 3,577,615 2,308,139
Year 6 9,936,537 4,868,903 3,080,326 1,987,307
Year 7 8,555,358 4,192,126 2,652,161 1,711,072
Year 8 7,366,164 3,609,420 2,283,511 1,473,233
Year 9 6,342,267 3,107,711 1,966,103 1,268,453
Year 10 5,460,692 2,675,739 1,692,814 1,092,138
Year 11 4,701,656 2,303,811 1,457,513 940,331
Year 12 4,048,125 1,983,581 1,254,919 809,625
Year 13 3,485,436 1,707,864 1,080,485 697,087
Year 14 3,000,960 1,470,471 930,298 600,192
Year 15 2,583,827 1,266,075 800,986 516,765
Year 16 2,224,675 1,090,091 689,649 444,935
Year 17 1,915,445 938,568 593,788 383,089
Year 18 1,649,198 808,107 511,251 329,840
Year 19 1,419,960 695,780 440,188 283,992
Year 20 1,222,585 599,067 379,001 244,517
Year 21 1,052,646 515,797 326,320 210,529

As you can see, each year has a total supply mintable that decreases each year, much like the Bitcoin model.

Each plot generates a portion of that according to its share of current upgrades, auto-adjusted algorithmically.

Type of improvements Burned CLNY Land Improvements Share (LIS)
Empty Land 1
Base Station 30 +1
Transport 60 +1
- Transport (L2) 120 +2
- Transport (L3) 240 +4
Robot Assembly 60 +1
- Robot Assembly (L2) 120 +2
- Robot Assembly (L3) 240 +4
Power Plant 60 +1
- Power Plant (L2) 120 +2
- Power Plant (L3) 240 +4

*Shares are calculated as totals, so a level 3 transport adds +4, not +4+2+1.

For example:

Roinlan has a plot with only a base station.

Roinlan’s share of the CLNY generated for that day is 2/(total number of active shares), which is the ratio then applied to that moment’s calculation of the yield from the year’s total supply.

Shmida, on the other hand, has a plot with a base station and an L3 transport.

Her share is 6/(total number of active shares). Shmida generates 5x the amount of CLNY per day that Roinlan does.

The more you upgrade, the higher your relative share is, but the higher the total number of active shares is, as well.

So, at the time of public launch, there will be 21,000 shares of the year’s CLNY generation, with each plot having 1 share.

With each upgrade, you outpace those who haven’t upgraded yet. Once everyone completes all upgrades, the minting speed will be even. The time in between is your opportunity for arbitrage.

Just like for Mars plots, all upgrades will also have in-game functions that expand utility beyond minting speed, and into unlocking playability.

Isn’t there another Mars project on Polygon?

See answer

Not technically, it’s on WAX. NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, but I actually quite like their project, if it’s legit. But, it’s a completely different project from our Mars, though the location is the same in name. To say they’re the same is like saying Spiderman and Battlefield III are the same game, because portions of them both take place on Mars.

They have a cool resource mechanism and land plot upgrade system, and the game is honestly probably worth checking out. But that’s about where the similarities stop. Our community organization and governance, storylines, design styles, and gameplay will both be very different. It’s not really an either-or situation. I play Astroneer, No Man’s Sky, and Outer Worlds, and all three of those games are less different than our two projects.

All love to millions on mars!

Why Polygon now?

See answer

Because we discovered it now! Adventure waits for no one.

But also, lore aside, there are multiple logistical reasons why now is the best time to launch on Polygon:

Welcoming new players, and leveraging bear markets

By inviting guilds, and with the support of the Polygon team and their marketing, we can expand the colonies by thousands or more. This is a really good chance to secure the Colony’s foothold in the ever-chaging landscape. If we can get Polygon support in a bear market now (which we have), then we can build through the downturn and be a complex, thriving Colony ready to welcome the bulls when they come back. If we wait, we’ll be slower on the draw and may not be ready to welcome the next user inflow with the next bull cycle.

Building a colony takes time

As you know well, building a colony is a slow process. Not just from a gamedev perspective, but logistically too. There are multiple stages to launching the colony, generating enough CLNY to mint avatars, and having enough CLNY after that to burn playing.

The process is outlined in the Player’s Guide, and it takes about 3 months.

That’s perfect timing for those new avatars to have actual missions, the DEX, the in-game marketplace, and more. Harmony has had to suffer through waiting for us to build those frameworks, and you’re still waiting, because this is a big lift. If we launch now, Polygon will be ready at the same time we are, so we can all play together.

On top of that, the funds generated from a Polygon mint will be used to hire more devs, and create two bigger dev teams instead of one small team. One devoted exclusively to gamedev, and the other devoted exclusively to building out the DeFi tools.

But wait, didn’t Harmony invest $250k a few months ago?

Yeah! And we hired five people and continued building without needing to draw from the treasury, and we even still have money left.

While it’s not all about money (re: all of the reasons above), funding is a factor. That factor isn’t about us needing funding now, it’s about not needing to drain the Harmony CLNY treasury before we even have burns implemented, and building a second treasury, on top of the revenue generated from the mint.

This generates a non-CLNY revenue source to both speed up development and keep it going longer than the few months $250k gets you with even a team as small as ours. We’re not ungrateful, we’re just being proactive, so we don’t find ourselves needing money down the line.

So, we’ll get to build a full-fledged game studio and have the resources necessary to build what we’re planning. If Polygon for whatever reason didn’t succeed, we’d still be doing the same exact thing we’re continuing to do now and through the launch, just without any immediate hope of speeding up. At the end of the day, we’ll get there when we get there either way.


Same CLNY means it’s the same token that share the same px with CLNY in harmony? Thank you!

If yes, can i bridge that CLNY in both chain?


Well, just my 2 cents here. But I think that the current landowners from Harmony MC project, had their share of “leap of faith”…and was nice that the team allowed the WL and the discounted price. But I believe that also as the AVIS mint, the Polygon plot should be set to be bough with CLNY, so this way will properly reward the early adopters who didnt want to or doesn’t have money to invest right now on it.


It will be bridged in the month(s) after the launch, as it’s its own development feature, so initially the two supplies will be disconnected. Once bridged, there will be open interaction between chains and their CLNY supplies

I like the idea, but it’s not feasible since we don’t have the bridge and polygon users don’t have CLNY, unless we were to create a separate minting process for allowlist plots but then that would just create sell pressure when we need to use it, which doesn’t help the project. It’s priced in MATIC the same way the Harmony mint was priced in ONE.

Well, it could be circunvented. I’m part of one Harmony core DAOs that is using a similar process. Jist need to extend it to polygon. The users that wish to take part in the WL just burn their CLNY in some address provided by the team. The team them supplies it to the same address in polygon chain. It’s not rocket science :sunglasses:. Also it’ll prevent the selling pressure in fact.


i agree with this, can it be considered to kickstart $clny ?

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I really believe that ensuring there is a bridge for CLNY and that the plots can be minted with CLNY will help the project as a whole and also create buy pressure and burning of CLNY. Good for everyone, special early holders. Otherwise there will be a pump and dump like the one happening on Harmony.


Translation: It can be built, but it’s not in their interest to. To launch this project on MATIC and gain credibility they need to be seen to be raising a lot of interest ($) in MATIC’s coin so they have a strong business justification to receive funding for future development. over $9m spent on NFT key in Harmony ONE and i suspect a ridiculous amount more spent on sushiswap buying CLNY via ONE, this doesnt benefit MATIC’s support team at all. The challenge on Mars Colony’s hands is that a lot of us have got a little too excited and bought in hard on this, but it’s been going only one way since Avi launch…(down)… because there is very little utility in the game so far and people aren’t upgrading plots because they have nothing to play, so will be a huge challenge getting existing users to reinvest on MATIC. Also, launching a new chain during a bear market doesn’t bode well trying to attract new users, especially when the Harmony Chain isn’t even play-able yet. Not the wisest of decisions in my humble opinion.


There isn’t a pump and dump on Harmony, just a lack of utility for the token so far (which is intentional), exacerbated by the bear market and all of harmony tanking. The good news is, we’re already implementing a few different burns in the next updates, and many more to come! The stress of the game not being live yet is temporary.

Can’t wait to be able to bridge $CLNY between planets. It totally makes sense.