Weekly Progress 10.01.22 - 16.01.22

Hey guys, we’re excited to start weekly reports every Monday.
More up-to-date information from the devs, just like you wanted:

:white_check_mark: Removed annoying white screen while app loads;
:white_check_mark: Fixed ‘collect all’ bug for big amount of land plots with ledger wallet;
:white_check_mark: As all lands have been sold, removed red zones from the planet and “Presale” badge;
:white_check_mark: Added ONE price and CLNY price in dollars to telegram bot;
:white_check_mark: Added overall CLNY/day speed information and total earnings;
:white_check_mark: Added a button to navigate to owned land plot on the map;
:white_check_mark: Links to NFT market and CLNY market were added in the app;
:white_check_mark: Improved metadata server architecture to handle at least 100 requests per second.

Market data:
Active users - 1.22k
NFT trading volume - $2.22m
CLNY liquidity - $920k


Congratulations, I wish you continued success


It great to see this kind of updates. Just keep on working and informing the community.


lets go further! :slight_smile:
I love my plots, trying to build as much as possible :slight_smile:

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Does anyone knows why CLNY token has been marked as inactive on CryptoMarketCap site?