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About the crisis

We’ve received constructive feedback from the community and already started work towards making improvements →

MarsColony Polygon

A few notes on the upcoming Polygon launch:

Just a few weeks ago, we had Polygon pre-mint campaign. More than 3000 land plots have been claimed. Given the market condition and the size of the current community (600 DAU), it’s probably one of the most outstanding achievements this project has reached in the past 5 months.

However, shortly after the Launch, the core team and I faced criticism over the product’s current state, which made us reconsider the whole approach to the Polygon campaign.

To address current issues, we are proposing a few options:

Option 1: Launch Polygon as planned initially with a new date

  1. Set up a new date for the mainnent Launch (mid-June)
  2. Pre-sell price available from now until the first 48 hours after mainnent launch
  3. NFTs start producing CLNY (claimed and unclaimed) after mainnet launch
  4. NFTs are NON-transferable until mainnet

Option 2: Dynamic mainnet day

Instead of having a deadline by a particular day to set up a deadline with the goal with N of NFT Land claimed:

  1. Allow the mainnent launch only when 100% (or 90%, you decide) of NFT Land is claimed
  2. NFTs are transferable and traded right after claiming
  3. CLNY emissions start after mainnet launch

Temperature check

  • Option 1: Fixed Date
  • Option 2: Fixed Milestone

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Next week we will set up on-chain voting to make the decision. People who claimed NFTs on Polygon will be eligible to vote on this proposal.

Meanwhile, let’s chat and find the best option for the Polygon launch.

When you write your comment please let us know if you have claimed NFT on Polygon yet.

– Creators


Personally, I vote for the second option

The logic behind this is quite simple. If we put all our effort into the CLNY utilization and improving gamification, the community and new users will see potential in the project, and belief in the team and this trust will be converted into claimed NFTs.

At the same time, we will not have the pressure that we should launch Polygon on day X or Y. The launch date will be dictated by the community via claiming NFTs. So the core team will have clear motivation to build cool features, and the community responds to this by claiming or not claiming NFTs on Polygon.


This benifits future minters(if any) more than the current minters that have their money locked without any return and potential down trend market and failure of the polygon minting or taking forever to see any return…

If it was up to me I wouldn’t vote for any of the options, and instead offer a refund to Poly minters and carry on developping Harmony…


I agree. The land I purchased on polygon is not currently earning / generating CLNY… So I’m confused on any benefits I have as an early supporter of the project, it seem there are no benefits?


Absolutely agreed

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Respectfully, I disagree on all points here. I don’t see how continued apparent inaction with no benefits to buyers/holders will help the community or new users see potential. They will see a stalled mint and project. Why buy now instead of waiting for the market to recover and see what happens? Why would this increase faith in the team? And why would we think less time pressure would lead the team to be more motivated? Please feel free to elaborate as I am trying to understand and make the best choice for the project.


Refund is a strong word in this setting but understood as early minters like myself used or bought Polygon to own the first pieces of this new land knowing the “go live” emissions date was May 31st.

There is an alternative option that should be discussed. I think the answer (if the community wants it) is to start pCLNY emissions NOW. Starting now will mean our early investment will be doing exactly what it is supposed to, earning pCLNY. This would return some faith in the direction this project is going and prevent current Harmony/Polygon NFT owners from saying refund at all.

An added benefit of starting emissions now is each land will begin to accumulate pCLNY. If the land does not sell out immediately at public launch this land will gain value over time and eventually be desirable depending on the price of pCLNY.

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None of the options are plausible at this time. The plots on polygon should start generating clny from the day of claiming. This way early adopters can upgrade their plots and add value to the lands. This way people will be interested in the project and will start investing.

Side note: why not put clny to use on harmony? Mint some items with clny, that can be used with avis to upgrade plots. For example, use clny to mint tools for coal mining with the miner avis and then use that coal in energy production. Hey, it’s Mars, we don’t need to go green from the start :slight_smile: Not having enough energy on your power plant, your clny production/plot will decrease, and so on.


As others have said, nothing here is an beneficial for current polygon plot holders (I have 2 plots). The question is, why would an outsider buy a polygon plot now? There’s no reason they would, especially after looking at the CLNY price and the sentiment in discord. So I think option 1 is out. Option 2 just leaves us with useless plots for the foreseeable future (again, why would anyone buy a polygon plot at the moment?). Also, there will then be new sell pressure which will drive the price down, meaning prospective new buyers will have even less incentive to mint rather than buying on the secondary market. There needs to be another option that rewards current plot holders who have already paid the cash for development of the project, but delays mainnet launch until there is utility that attracts new buyers


They shouldn’t have went and started polygon project in the first place. So many of us were against it and then the team just went ahead and did it anyway, so all the previous things that were prerequisits like more game content and quests etc were all done very poorly and hastened. We all warned them that not concentrating on 1 chain might really come back and bite them in the ass and now that it happened, they craw back and ask, what now? I totally agree to other suggestion of give polygon land minters their money back and delay the launch untill harmony project becomes much more healthy and attractive. That should give harmony project the focus it needs to come back again


Both options are equally bad. Just refund the people already, MATIC goes down everyday, so we’re actually losing money now and get nothing in return.


I minted thinking it was a pre-sale that was supposed to end early june, not locking my funds for an unkown period of time…


The good thing is that at least now we have a say in polygons. Should we have done it before while this bug doesn’t happen with Polygon. I won’t choose either. There is only one solution now, move poly. Focus on harmony and make the project successful before moving on to other chains. I have 3 countries on polygon.

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Option 2 leaves us waiting for the mint to get to 90% or 100% and that could take until December or possibly never happen. Put Options on BTC are at an all time high so you can bet speculative gamefi projects not producing or creating anything are going down as we have watched DFK, MC, Defira, etc all do for the last 2 months. I don’t see how clny or pclny can survive when all we have is liquidity pools with limited liquidity and no games. Maybe you should consider refunding the poly launch funds as it appears both chains are going in the toilet due to inability to burn tokens or create utility for clny and it will be the same for pclny.


What Aoni said. Refund all the poly money. All of those funds are from Harmony users that already lost their asses on your first game that isn’t working and you want to do it a second time. The devs clearly are hurting from the bear market and want to take more of our money. Refund poly mint funds and bag the entire thing.


FYI I own 2 Plots on Polygon, but both options seem to be rather challenging.

If we decide to go with Option 1 and launch in mid-june, we most likely won’t sell out given the current internal challenges with the project, and external factors with the market. pCLNY would start being produced and we’d be in the exact same situation in 6 months time with current investors sitting on 4-6 CLNY plot lands with no utility, leading them to sell which would bring the CLNY price to $0. We’d have to release Avatars at some point when users have enough CLNY to mint them in order to be able to play, the uptake on minting avatars will depend on how much gamification has been added. People won’t buy multiple Avatars this time round because there’s no point and supply won’t equal demand at that point so there’s no resell value.
With this strategy to work we’d have to hope for a couple of things:

a) More people would mint land on launch then we currently believe the demand is at now. How many people have requested to join the whitelist to Reserve their plot?

b) The gaming elements would be implemented on Harmony which would give potential investors something tangible to see, experience and buy into. The pCLNY tokenomics would be sustainable, encouraging people to play so people don’t farm and dump, crashing the price of pCLNY. pCLNY’s value is essential for Play-to-Earn as people won’t play with no perceived benefit.

If we went with Option 2, Launching Polygon once a certain percentage of lands had been claimed I don’t understand what the incentive is for people to purchase and wait.

Whilst I understand the economic benefits, it protects the value of pCLNY until the demand and gamification is there. If we launched in June with 3000 Plots claimed and no further uptake, essentially what would happen is everyone would sell pCLNY to cover their initial investment. That will crash the price of pCLNY and land on Polygon won’t be as attractive for future investors meaning it could die before it even starts.

However… if we decided that emissions would start only when 90% of land is claimed, who in their right mind would buy land on Polygon to join a ‘waiting list’ for months potentially? People will hold off until we’re closer to reaching ‘90%’ which means we’d never get close. It doesnt really make sense?
You could argue Option 2 incentivises the dev team to ensure CLNY utility is prioritised and implemented on Harmony, as this is the blocker stopping people from investing with no rewards but that’s still the case regardless with Option 1. To stop pCLNY crashing, the game needs to be built. If funding is an issue then I would use the money gained from initial Poly launch to completely focus on sorting out the gamification, burning mechanisms and restoring the value of CLNY. Once that is done, you will attract far more investors on Polygon providing further investment for development.

Whilst early investors want to benefit now with pCLNY emissions from investing early, they don’t quite realise that doing so will destroy the economy which will detract others from buying in. Not their fault as these things should of been considered prior to launch.


Absolutely THIS!!! :point_up:

I voted for the first option, I want my investment work and make a return! so, I want to start generate CLNY ASAP


The game needs to be built, as an original polygon matic community member, prior to being a harmony community member, I don’t see the incentive for polygon users to currently purchase… So I guess current 90% threshold would work if achieved. Although I think Harmony would support y’all financially if you just built the game.

Refunding the poly mint is probably the only sensible solution at this point.