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It is exactly like that👍

to the team To be honest, I don’t know why we’re discussing polygon again. Just move the whole thing by half a year. Focus on harmony where it started. The harmony community is the best you could see from the sale of the countries. It was over in hours. something like that only works with harmony, you can’t expect it to work with every chain. If you do more for harmony and stop talking about polygons, money from this will come back in. We at Harmony have more interest that it works with us. Then if we’re stable, I mean the clny isn’t losing 40% every day we can still go poly. To support the project I bought 3 poly countries at the beginning. But I see no point in continuing at this point. Harmony must first.support those who supported you from the beginning, then our support will come back.


Mindstyle is an OG…listen to him…P-Ops

I agree 100%

Agree with Mindstyle

Maybe it’s the current crypto climate and my crypto fatigue, but I feel the core team should make this decision based on what THEY feel will be for the betterment of the project and with the expectations that regardless of what they choose, some will be upset and some will be supportive. And then just continue building away. I’ve been distant from the project lately, but I still support it and will continue to support, regardless of this decision. I’m sure there are many like me who are focusing on other aspects of life and will continue to support as the team builds. So, build away and do what you feel is best. I’ll continue to check in periodically.

Forward. :v::sunglasses:

P.S. Add an Option 3 for voting: “Leave it to Core Team”


Similarly to the two replies above, I would also disagree on both options. The current markets conditions are not favorable at all for launching new projects (especially NFTs). I personally own +70 lands and avatars on Harmony and I’ve only minted two plots on Polygon because of the current market conditions. It is evident that most of of the current owners on Harmony didnt run to claim their lands too, and don’t expect miracles to happen for the public mint. My view is also to reverse the current Polygon mint now that is early and you only have your loyal supporters from Harmony to deal with and avoid a failed mint that we will all carry with us during an unpredictable and most possibly long bear market that will also affect the project’s reputation on Harmony. Continue building the game on Harmony and launch on Poly or any other chain when market conditions allow that.

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exactly right!

I still go with option C. Get a working product on the original chain before expanding to others. This is seeming more like a cash grab than something that’s going to amount to anything noteworthy.

Hi guys

We respect every point of view here, and I appreciate all the feedback we have received. However, it is not a time to go back or stop any development. We continue working on multi-planet metaverse, hiring devs, and scaling to play-to-earn across both networks.

With that being said, the only feasible option here is to decide on the launch date. And the purpose of this post is to ask you guys to vote on the option you prefer.

If you would like to launch Mainnent (Public launch) asap, enabling secondary market, the best option to choose will be option 1 - fixed date. (e.g., 16th of June).

However, if you would like to maximize the chances of closing 100% sales on or before the public launch (to address the current market conditions), we can choose option 2 - a flexible launch date as @father suggested in the post.


Refund the money for plots sold so far and relaunch 16th June 2023 :relaxed:

But you must understand that the two options you’ve presented are both going to cause you more problems. Nobody will want to buy the plots on polygon right now since there is no utility and they can see what happened on harmony. At least give us an option 3, “neither of the above” so that’s there’s a record of the strong community opposition to what you decide to impose.

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Prefer a refund

I guess youre blind and/or cant read? The community does not want any of those two options. How about you wake up and realize that you have fallen way off track.

Also PS: if youre really counting on those last polygon plots to be sold, that wont happen, not with so many problems and a core team that isnt listening to their community at all.

multi-planet metaverse? where is that? the polygon COMPLETE copy of marscolony with a change of colour? Seriously?
play to earn? you mean that mission you gave us that doesnt do shit except waste time? Or the “utility” of CLNY token?

Just asking, cuz maybe im the blind and/or cant read person here then.


With all due respect @mindstyle, we are not ignoring community.

We are listening to community when it comes to important things such new features launch, product priorities and CLNY emissions and so on.

However, when it comes to decisions that can undermine the whole project existence, I as a one of the creators we would like for us to have a final word here.
As a product lead, I need to make sure that team’s morale is high, and we can grow team and, most importantly, deliver features as promised. Dropping Polygon, where we already spent time and resource (both yours and ours), will be a huge waste.

Just to reiterate on this again: Polygon is not a focus shift. It was a planned item in our roadmap since Jan 2022. We are focusing on play-to-earn and CLNY utility in the next three months and hiring more devs. This is our highest priority.

Below are our product plans for June ongoing:
Monthly product review May 2022 - #15 by TdxTri)
Notes on transitioning to play-to-earn: Part 1 revenue sharing - #6 by King_Amras


Im sorry but roadmaps and agendas can and need to be changed if you see the community does not like it or even hurts them. Im seeing both in this case.

There is no gameplay even on Harmony yet, except that one useless mission no one is even doing anymore, while the plots and token keeps going down (and this is way more than just regular bear market things which you should notice). If you also keep tabs on usage of Harmony app, you should also see people are stopping with playing and exiting the game.

Not sure why you dont realize the polygon stuff should be paused until you improve Harmony app and get user confidence back and at least some useful utility. Otherwise people will keep dumping CLNY.

Also for Polygon, you should really think about how to make it different, not just a blatant copy of Harmony, because thats not really a “new” world or anything. Its just deploying the same thing on another chain. Cant call that metaverse really.

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Why should we make it different? we need to have the same starting positions for colonies on each blockchain. And see how those colonies will evolve and how their economy/community works to develop their own colony.

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hum? Well if you want to play metaverse then it has to be different, now its just a copy of the original, with same functions, same attributes, same everything… how can you expect that will work out any differently than on Harmony? eg not enough utility or other stuff like missions, utility of buildings to get people interested in playing and not just dump their CLNY?

Honestly unsure if you guys are all blind, playing ignorant or just simply dont care about your community, cuz you def dont listen at all and are fully disconnected from most of it. I get that you have your own vision on how you want to expand/grow but once almost the whole community shows you theyre against and point out issues, you should listen with your mind open, which is 100% not happening here.

Again, apart from community voice, the constant dumps on CLNY and barely anyone doing missions anymore (i wonder why), should be enough of a red alert for your team to wake up and start making changes.

Anyways im done here, you guys just keep your hand in the sand so its like me or anyone else is talking to a brick wall.

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Hey @mindstyle

Please don’t think that our community has only one opinion. 75 people voted to launch the polygon. Several people messaged us in DM with support words. More on that the core team has a big vision and believes in our mission.

So there is not the only one opinion about it.

You can’t just jump on the boat in the middle of the way and chose the direction for the boat that is sailing to the initial vision for more than 12 months already.

Regarding the core team focus. I think the only person who can’t read and hear hasn’t noticed @eugenefinch posts and live streams with the explaining product plan reasoning about the polygon launch and that it will not affect this product road map.

I don’t understand why do you complain about it? The product map is updated and is on active execution. If you feel negative about the polygon launch, you shouldn’t just participate in the claiming event. It’s fine, it’s a natural reaction. If you don’t like something, you don’t take it.

For everyone who dumps their CLNY, it’s their decision, If they dump it and go, let them go; it will beneficiary for the project and the people who stay with us and continue building based on our knowledge and research we do continuously.

If people don’t see it, maybe their ur blind and not core devs.

Honestly. Everyone is tired of arguing around the same things, I believe you guys are also. We keep going forward with our initial strategy. We keep listening community regarding priorities and features required to build for their colony.

I suggest switching the discussion topics from scattering s*t on the core team to read about
and start brainstorming about how are going to set up a governance process for Harmony Colony. And when P2E module is delivered to switch development to the onhcain governance, so you guys can take the ownership of the colony as soon as possible.


Hey @mindstyle I would like to know how to check on the usage, and number of transactions over time of the projects on Harmony. Can you share where I can follow that?
I hope I got it right what you said here: