Alien NFT character Price Recomendation

Hello Martians,

Here is my take on the price of the each Alien NFT character. I don’t think that it should cost more than 10 $CLNY for the character that is not too rare, and that it should be at most 20 $clny for the rare ones.
If they are going to be dropped all for the same price, my price suggestion would be around 10-15 $clny per character.

What is your take on my pricing suggestion? Do you think it’s to expensive or too cheap? Or you think I’ve hit it right in the spot?

We can try to address it with voting:

  • less than 10 $CLNY
  • between 10 and 20 $CLNY
  • between 20 and 30 $CLNY
  • more than 30 $CLNY

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Forward :v:t2:


How many characters will be available?

Perhaps we could have some lower priced ones with functionality and rewards relative to price so our friends from less wealthier economies are able to play?

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I don’t know. We don’t know much about them yet. My guess is that it shouldn’t be less than 21000, because that’s the number of plots on Mars.

I would agree. Let’s give a chance to a larger group of people to join the Mars mission.

Forward! :v:t2:

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Perhaps by breaking them down into smaller parts?
I think the more people that are able to get involved in this project the better.
And what about having districts on mars for governance with elected officials to convey the opinions of their area? Otherwise it could get a bit messy with 21000 land holders all voicing their unique opinion. There has to be some way to come to a consensus

I think the launch price should be low (10-15 CLNY) for premium characters and 5 for standard characters. I assume we will have a secondary market for characters at which point, the market will determine the true cost of the characters.

These aren’t my firm thoughts, but I’m initially thinking that prices for the NFT character shouldn’t be too high that it makes them inaccessible but also not too low that whales can easily gulp up a ton because a goal with these character NFTs is to get them in as many new hands as possible so we can grow the userbase.

So, I’m thinking we use two potential baselines to price them:

  • 30 CLNY so it can be priced similar to the land plot base upgrade
  • 500 ONE worth of CLNY (around 20 CLNY at these prices) so it can be priced to the initial price of the land plots (not the half-off presale price of 250 ONE)

So, at 20 - 30 CLNY, we could see it potentially being in a nice range that is accessible to most people. That’s around $88 - $132 at current prices.

One thing to keep in mind is that I believe CLNY will be burned in this process. According to the Avatar Collection [Call to Artists] post, there will be 21,000 avatars. So, with a price of 20 - 30 CLNY, 420,000 - 630,000 CLNY will be burned from this sale. So besides considering how the price impacts the affordability of the NFT, we should keep in mind how the price impacts the tokenomics of CLNY because this sale will effectively make it more scarce to some degree.


I would like to suggest guys
About minted characters
First of all you need to get a Whitelist/Hodler role in the discord which mean 1wallet address per 1 hodler role. those WL/hodlers role will be given upto 5minted nft characters per Whitelist/Hodler role so that the whales are entitled to mint only 5. And the rest will be given to the whitelisted role, 5 mint per wallet address. Which means we need 4,500 people including whitelist/hodler role that given a 5 minted nft character. Those 21000 nft characters are limited, if minted on the schedule, the rest those nft characters are not be mint shall be burned hopefully devs will read this. People will be obliged to join the contest in discord and the reward to win the contest like you need to be whitelisted if you are lvl5 plus 5 invites in discord
And given to WL role which you will be able to mint the nft characters, those who are able to mint nft character such as like WL,.hodler, Artists role. And lots of people will be join the discord and participate the contest in order to mint the nft characters

Whitelist is a shitty idea, nononono , if a whale want to buy 10000 nft characters, let it be, price of clny goes up and everyone is happy.


And Then would dump it? I suggest that limited mint only

There is no dumping , you buy with clny , then you sell it on secondary market for one. If a whale buys 10k nft , the clny are locked there

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Yes, but i just consider that other people than whale, people will buy and then sell it to the secondary market, and if whale want to buy then buy it

pls no wl on discord


Then lot of whale will buy it and dump it more? You want that bro?

I think this should be completely without any restrictions, that’s only fair. Buying land was the same process for everyone, and I don’t see why this would be any different.
Mars is about being a free world, a simulation of what would the world look like if we start implementing blockchain ideas into our society.
I completely agree with @father with the freedom of choice and not not locking things up.

Forward Martians :v:t2:


Agreed. I’m not in favor of any type of lockup or whitelists. But we should approach this sale in a way that is fair and accessible to as many people as possible. This means creating conditions for the sale that do not favor those with the most resources (i.e. time, money). We can consider this through the following:

  • Setting a fair price that isn’t too inexpensive and not too expensive; this is to avoid whales gulping a huge supply and also to avoid pricing out new users.
  • Not implenting a purchase method that allows a user to mint multiples; this is to make sure everyone has the same competitive advantage at minting a single NFT.
  • Not selling the entire supply all at once but rather across multiple drops; this is to accommodate people with different schedules across timezones.

Considering these conditions (there are likely more) could help even the playing field to purchasing these NFTs so they can get in as many hands as possible.


I voted 30 because if you own a land plot you can afford this!!!

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Thanks for the ideas. Totally agree with most of the statements, and just to summarize here:

  • We are not going to add any whitelisting or restrictions on purchase of characters
  • Price wise, it should not be higher than $100 in token value.
  • Rarity of characters also going to be considered.

Let me know if you have any other thoughts on that.


Can all land owners just be assigned a character minting link to their land at a given price and that character stays with the land as a land owner and subsequent game play character be somewhat separate?