AMA Recording — 27.1.22

Thanks for joining today’s AMA!

Here’s a link to the recording, if you missed it. We’ll have one every week for the next month, and then play around with dates, formats, and project collabs going [forward] :v:


Awesome! Thanks for sharing, it wasn’t the best time for me to join. I appreciate the recording.

Forward :v:t2:

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Feel free to suggest better times!

We obviously won’t be able to optimize for everyone but we can rotate AMA times to the most common few time zones for the community.

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Sure, I get that it is really hard to optimize time for everyone. What would do best for me is 18:00 UTC.
Have you though about AMAs taking place at weekends? Is it when we should expect most of the people to join or the weekends should be reserved for the rest? I think this could be something to think about and ask other Martians.

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