[Approved] Application for the Harmony 💙 ecosystem grant

Mars Colony DAO

Hey guys, Andrey is here :wave: I work in a web3 company, and in my free time, I dream about how a decentralized future might look like :wink:

Let me also introduce my co-dreamers: Eugene - project lead, and Dmitry - tech lead.

Proposal overview

Mars Colony - is a gamified colonization framework that allows fair power distribution and decision-making process within one colony / DAO. The process

1. Interest claiming
A process where every user get a piece of virtual territory (NFT)

2. Power accumulation
A process of minting CLNY (governance) tokens

3. Launch in colony Economy & governance
A process where the governance tokens gain decision-making and economic value.

Important: 100% of the minted tokens will be controlled by the community members directly or via DAO. Check out Colony Tokenomic → .

Proposal ask

Since the beginning, the project was community-driven and self-funded. We are on the finish line of the launch project on the mainnet, but unfortunately, we run out of funds and have no other way than ask Harmony foundation to help us with the last push.

What we are looking for ?
A grant of $50k to be able to make the main push and go live.

How funds will be utilized:

  1. Smart-contracts & security - 60%
  2. Design and web development - 20%
  3. Marketing materials - 10%
  4. Launch event - 10%

Metrics for success

Our key milestones

  1. Go live on Harmony Blockchain
  2. Distribute 21,000 NFT slots between community members
  3. Launch CLNY Minting contract
  4. Launch Land improvements speeding
  5. Set up liquidity and economy within DAO
  6. Set up on-chain Governance

Our public road map

Gaining experience

Objective Date Status
Launched forum Jun 2021 Done
Lauched a simple landing page Aug 2021 Done
Land NFT minting contract (on BSC) v1 Sep 2021 Done
CLNY Tokenomic Sep 2021 Done
Land NFT minting (IIC) contract v2 Sep 2021 Done
Gamification concept v1 Oct 2021 Done
Design CLNY token minting logic Oct 2021 Done

Colonizing Harmony blockchain

Objective Date Status
New Landing page Nov 2021 Done
Web app Dec 2021 In progress
NFT Land contract Dec 2021 In progress
NFT Land Claiming Event Dec 2021 To do
CLNY token contract Dec 2021 In progress
Land Improvements logic Jan 2021 To do
Liquidity mining contract Feb 2021 To do


Objective Date Status
Getting first colony governors Dec 2021 In progress
Setting up multisig Dec 2021 To do
Governance Framework Feb 2021 To do

External links

  1. Colony WP →
  2. Tokenomic →
  3. Web APP →

Mainnet ETA

Mainnet launch and the first NFT Land distribution event will take a place in Dec 2021 via Mars Colony web app → . Stay tuned.

We are actively looking for more members and active contributors to join Mars Colony :blue_heart: