Building the Narrative

So with this new partnership with Gunfire, I’m assuming we’ll have some type of shooter element to the game. That fits in nowhere with the currently written lore/narrative. But I’m perfectly okay with that, because the current narrative needs a major revamping.

So how do you start to give the community control over this narrative, while also incorporating this big, new turn in the story with Gunfire? Storytelling NFT’s are what will survive. Let us tell stories. Let us make up narratives about our colonies. We have these outpost colonies and there are no narratives about them. Let us fight. Let us battle. Let us tell stories about it. Let there be revolution and upheaval. Let us rebel against Harmony and fight against the loyalists. Give us some fodder for story!!!


@eugenefinch Can we get some clarity on this partnership with Gunfire?

I see the giveaway just started. So the first 1000 entries will get to play in two tournaments “sent directly into your game.” What does this mean? Will Mars Colony have a shooter element to it?

If so, like I asked above, how does this fit the narrative?

Can someone please communicate with the community here? Can someone please give some narrative structure to what is going on in this game? You talk about this huge, awesome partnership, but there is not logical connection to the game narrative. If we can make one, that’s awesome. But you’re not even giving us an opportunity to create one. It’s like you’re just throwing out feelers to potential partners and hoping you hit on one, regardless of fit.

I don’t think that is actually the case, but without any communication beyond “We have a big partnership,” the community doesn’t know any better. Please communicate more clearly and openly.


@eugenefinch Eight days later…

Come on guys. I am not critiquing for no reason. I think we need to drill down on why it is we’re partnering with these other projects. Is it just to get these Polygon NFT’s sold? If so, just tell us that. That’s what it seems like now.

I was excited for a shooter element. But that’s not what it seems we’re doing. Honestly, the whole strategy just seems to be: (1) String the community along with mining (wasn’t that supposed to be done in September), and (2) try to unload all these lame-duck Polygon lands on some unwitting individuals in other projects.

Once again: Stranded on Mars. I don’t like being a critic, but either everyone has given up, or everyone is silent. I’d like this project to do well. And I think it can. But we need some more direction, some more leadership, and some structure to what it is we are doing in this fictional world. There needs to be alignment with the real world. And partnering with a shooter game isn’t it. Maybe a worm game… if there are any big worm crypto communities? Maybe. Crypto is weirdly awesome like that.