Bulls, bears, and builders — Weekly update 25.4.22

What the sayer of praise is really praising is himself,
by saying implicitly,
“My eyes are clear.”

Likewise, the one who criticizes is criticizing himself,
saying implicitly,
“I can’t see very well.”

— Rumi

I won’t pretend to know what markets will do next.

All signs point to a bear market, from structured crypto products for institutional investors to bet against crypto to the fact that Peter Schiff tweeted something positive about bitcoin not too long ago (even if it WAS april fool’s day, I ALWAYS invert the Schiff).

And I won’t pretend to care about the price of CLNY, or uninformed opinions on how we “shouldn’t’ve launched the token before the game”. Some people regret their choice to participate in the Colonies, and that’s what they’re really criticizing.

But, if we’re ignoring over-the-top bad opinions, we’ve also got to ignore over-the-top good ones, too. CLNY token likely isn’t going to moon any time soon. It’s possible, but don’t bet the farm for a mining avi.

Instead, let’s refocus on what MC is. I’m nearly finished with the GitBook, which will explain everything from an ecosystem perspective, but from an investing perspective, MC is a Rockefeller play.

By owning the first land and avatars, you’re early to a project that plans to colonize the entire metaverse. If we succeed, you’ll find yourselves in positions of wealth and influence in the Colonies, and you certainly won’t regret it.

As token burns increase and more players are join with future launches, we’ll exit the inflationary stage of our colony and move forward.

That said, this isn’t any other crypto project.

We’re building a society here, and as the first colonists, you’re all setting the tone for everyone who joins in the future. So, more than an investment is required of you.

We all need to do our best to maintain Martian Ethics.

Click to read Martian Ethics

I know you’re relieved to have left Earth, and I congratulate you on escaping. But don’t fool yourselves, you’re not here for an easy life. Things may even be harder than they were on Earth at times. Except now, when things get difficult, we can lean into the difficulty knowing we’re doing good work, and leaving a legacy for our children and the future of all humanity.

This is pillar 1 of Martian Ethics: We are building a better universe.

On Earth, people divide themselves by race, gender, wealth, politics and religion (which are the same thing), etc. In the Colony, we understand that we’re one species, building one community. And should we meet any other species in the future, we will treat them as we treat ourselves. We also will care for all planets, their ecosystems, and all creatures or objects on them. We are all members of the same universe.

This is Pillar 2: Our individualities do not negate our unity.

Leave behind whatever feuds and cliques formed during transport. When you form guilds, remember that any competition is for entertainment or mutual progress. You aren’t enemies, even if you’re rivals.

Pillar 3: We are not enemies.

When we make decisions for the Colony, put aside your own interests and trust your fellow Martian to look out for them, while you look out for theirs.

Pillar 4: We serve each other.

And when newcomers arrive, welcome them with open arms, trusting them readily. Suspicion has no place in the Colony. Because we can count on each other should any real threat arise, we don’t need to be constantly on guard. Be aware, but not aggressive.

Pillar 5: We assume positive intent.

That said, should you question the actions of anyone in the colony, including us founders, speaking up will never be discouraged. Open and safe freedom of speech is essential to a well-functioning society. Don’t hold grudges, resolve them. Conflict can be healthy.

Pillar 6: Conflict resolved is a tool of progress.

And finally, the most important thing to remember is that mistakes are a part of the process, not a flaw. Don’t shame others or be ashamed to be wrong. Just be open to change.

Pillar 7: We are not ashamed to fail.

We’ll talk more in the coming weeks about how governance will work, what you’ll be paid for missions, etc. In the meantime, acquaint yourself with your suit and your surroundings, and go make some friends.

The bonds you form will be what protects these colonies from any threats that may arise in the future.

Anyway, that’s all you’ll get out of me about price action, and it comes with a sermon as usual. I was planning on being a preacher, years ago.

Now for the TL;DR of what we’ve been up to this week. It’s a bit slim, because you can expect multiple announcements this week that I don’t want to spoil :wink:


:white_check_mark: — The first iteration of missions, minigames, is in final testing. The front end and back end are finished, and after testing everything will be integrated for launch!

:white_check_mark: — Today was my first day officially full time at Mars!

:white_check_mark: — We’re reviewing the GitBook for publishing this week, and I’m adding some lore to it.

:white_check_mark: — We began designing NFT items for rare mission rewards.

:white_check_mark: — The DEX is done testing and we’re ready to begin integration after missions launch.

:white_check_mark: — I began evaluating portfolios for brand redesign


:white_check_mark: — We hung out with Defira, Cosmic Universe, Cerebral Gaming, Knights and Peasants, and plenty of Harmony folk in a Twitter Space on Saturday (though we don’t have a recording yet, you’ll just have to believe that it was fun, and join the next one!

:white_check_mark: — We voted on mission rewards, and it looks like the mixed proposal will win when voting closes in a few hours.

:white_check_mark: — Bizdev is negotiating some very interesting collaborations that will be announced in the next couple weeks.

:white_check_mark: — Once the Gitbook is live, I can finally destroy Telegram. If you’re there and not on Discord yet, be sure to switch!

That’s it for now, but keep those discord notifications on this week for the next updates!


— brother


Hell yeah brother…!
Thanks again for you update. :rocket::rocket::rocket::gem::gem:


congrats on fulltime job at mars - elon must be jelly


Awesome update :+1:


Congrats on going full time man!

You’ve still got to protect yourself from the burn out though so make sure you take time for yourself too.

Love reading these updates whenever they come out!



Congrats on finally starting full time!

I continue to love the “anti-FUD” sections in your updates. Thanks for all the continued hard work from the team!


Onwards and upwards!


Let’s get this show on the road!