Burning of unsold lands to facilitate MODEV

Hey guys,

I have looked at the entire Mars planet and I feel it is going to be very busy or even noisy from the look outside. even our earth isn’t like that. We have clusters, communities called countries and continents. I feel it is absurd that every section of the Mars planet is sold. are there no water ways etc.

My proposal is that all unsold lands after the presale be burnt.

Here are my reasons.

  1. It makes lands scarce and leaves no room for speculations about the success of the Mars project. If all lands aren’t sold due to over supply or supply being bigger than demand, how will landowners make profit in reselling the lands?

  2. It helps the tokenomics and price action. Economics is the allocation of scarce resources to the population using the price system. supply and demand. With land being scarce (say only 15,000 lands on Mars) the token will appreciate faster as people who have developed their lands can be able to sell using the CLNY tokens and the public will buy. This facilitates the Massive open distribution of economic value (MODEV) with the Mars colony community where even those who entered late will recover their returns and contribute positively to the success of the project for years to come. Everyone wins at the end.

  3. It makes the mars planet aesthetically elegant from the outside. Currently, it looks more like scattered ants within an anthill. with lesser lands or scarcer lands, there can be clusters, communities and free spaces that may be left for scavenger hunts. a no mans lands where if you venture with your resources, though you might grab some mineral resources, you run the risk of being hunted by aliens, demons, and lose your resources (power plants, transport etc) to them. This would make the map look more like earth. Beautiful isn’t it? I think it is.

  4. If all lands aren’t sold, increasing the minting price of the lands may not get them sold still. Giving them away as gifts wont either as you run the risk of gifting it to people who have no idea what to do with it.

Small they say is Big.

Thank you.


I think Deleting lands would lead to reducing players, therefore I dont agree. the more people that can play the better.


I agreed not to burn the land! Assuming if there is no new buyers coming, eventually one of the existing buyers will likely buying more lands.


Seems I spoke early. Almost all lands have been sold remaining less than 5000. Here’s to hoping that this project makes a believer of myself and all of us.

Hey guys! I love your contribution :heart:

There were several feedbacks regarding guilds or territories to unite. Thinking on how to implement it on the technical side. If the implementation is feasible, I agree that we should launch it asap!

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Hi all,

Scarcity of land will drive NFTs prices higher but I don’t think burning land is the appropriate solution.

We could nonetheless imagine ways of reducing the # of lands.

For example :

-Merging adjacent lands :

Mergin land A and land B could make land C.
Assuming land A and B are adjacent.
Land C would output a slightly higher # of CLNY per day as it’s upgrades would be limited. (If you upgrade land A to its maximum and land B to its maximum, they’d produce more than land C upgraded to the maximum)

So maybe land C would output 2.5 CLNY per day but it’s max output of CLNY could be limited to 2*(max output of land A).

This would reduce the supply of CLNY and the supply of land. It also makes sense to unify adjacent lands.

-Lending lands :

Once all NFTs have sold, the only way for an outsider to get its hands on the precious CLNY will be to either buy it on sushi.
Some users might want to speculate on CLNY value by lending some of their lands for ONE. This would incentivize more users with smaller portfolios to join the game.
Landlords could rent their land with weekly, monthly or yearly contracts.

Assume the price of CLNY is 1CLNY = 10 ONE.
This means a basic land would produce 300 ONE in a month.

Landlords who don’t want to be too exposed to the fluctuations of CLNY could rent their land for 200 ONE/month or 60 ONE/week.
This contract could be bought by smaller users or simply non landlord users who don’t want to own land but would like get their hands on CLNY at a discount.

This would be similar to bonding.


I honestly love the idea of renting out lands. Moreso, when the real game is launched, renting out to land to players will be a good source of revenue for both owners and renters while facilitating the burning of CLNY and increasing value. We need to think of our to KEEP old investors fixated on Mars innovations and make it easier to onboard new investors DAILY.

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No land to burn did not make enough for people to join in should split the land space by 8 or more to allow more land buy for people.

I think this should be applied to the polygon lands to create scarcity @father

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