Can we address the elephant in the room...

As landholders, the buildings that we can currently access have no utility beyond increasing the amount of CLNY generated per day.

Should they not be incorporated into the game in some way? I just read through all four proposals for the missions and not a single one gave any emphasis to existing buildings. There was even talk of future buildings that don’t even exist in game yet having utility to build spaceships to explore the galaxy - come off it! Give some functionality to what we have now!

I do like the ORE proposal. Our existing buildings can be used to assist avatars performing missions on our land. The buildings may also address the perceived lack of focus on other professions.

Here are some ideas.

  • Must have a Base Station for anyone to perform missions on your land.
  • Land with certain buildings gives a boost to certain professions performing missions on your land.
  • This would also incentivise landholders to upgrade their plots to attract avatars to perform more missions, for a larger cut of the rewards (e.g. a tax on avatars to use their land).
  • Better upgraded land has more facilities to earn more rewards; good for everyone working on that plot.

I think this is a dead obvious path to a nice ecosystem and most of the building blocks are in place for this to happen.

And for the love of interplanetary space travel, focus on getting this right on Harmony before banging on about cross chain missions and all that other crap. It is nice to have ambitions but we need to get this right at the ground level first.


I strongly agree…


I do worry about this point a bit (running before learning how to walk). I am sure the core team’s heart in the right place so hopefully this will be addressed at the same time!

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Hi there. I’m the lead of the group behind the ORE proposal. Please see what I wrote in the thread. There’s much that I need to expand on and would like to start a discussion with the greater community to help guide a fuller version of the proposal for the final vote.

Like you said the buildings need uses beyond increased emissions for LOs. The ORE concept is meant to provide that by making one of the main focuses of missions the ability to eventually craft items which lead to progress both in terms of gameplay and earning potential.

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You are defenetly right on what you are saying the Faucet proposal we thought of this and is inherit idea we can’t explain each single detail especially we are not connected to the team and don’t have any information on how the missions will work.

What we internally discussed Is that both the category of the Plot and the category of the martians will influence not only the missions but also influence the ranking and economy of the plot we think of this like the economy of countries if you develope the plot it can produce better technology hold more people, introduce better services, have better economy rewards etc.

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Every time we address this issue in the main chat we keep getting people saying it’s FUD and it’s happening etc while everywhere i see, are people worrying about this and say it’s not a good idea to do multichain before we get the harmony part set up correctly and good. I really hope the core team take some more attention to this as i feel if done incorrectly this could really be a huge bottleneck for the whole project

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Strongly agree with this post and worry the rushed expansions to other chains is a bit premature. I’d be interested to understand how many unique wallet addresses hold an avatar NFT as i suspect a lot of land owners bought up avatars. Only 3500 Avatars have been sold on NFTKey and the demand for avatars on NFTKey has dropped off in the last week. I dont think the user demand is there yet to warrant releasing another 21000 plots of land and 21000 avatars on another chain. In my opinion the actual game needs prioritising now to get people playing, engaged and demand for MarsColony rising on Harmony before expanding to another chain. At the time of minting, Avatars cost 30 CLNY (which was $90 at the time) and due to an oversaturated market they are currently reselling for $44 suggesting demand isn’t there at this point. This will only get worse if you dilute the ‘available plots & avatars’ by another 21000 on another chain


12 likes on my original post, genuine shared concern from other members and no reply from any of the devs…

I think the amount of land plots sold on polygon chain after all this time saids more than enough. It’s exactly what we were worrying about.