Can't provide liquidity - help!

I cannot provide liquidity. I have approved SLP but there is no button to add liquidity to the ONE/CLNY pair. I can see pool and the APR, but there is no button to add.

Click on the amount of LP in Green (next to Staked x.xx SLP and then click the > button to provide the liquidity.

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So that doesn’t even show up for me. Here is what I see:

Ok… so just to be sure. You went to Sushi Swap to combine CLNY and ONE correct? If you created your SLP there. Then it could be a browser cache issue. Try refreshing your browser.

I didn’t make any LP tokens because the option to add doesn’t even show up. Wasn’t going to waste my time/funds creating them if I can’t deposit.

Try the updated official link of the app. The SLP option is there even without creating the CLNY/ONE LP pair in Sushi.

Can you share the link please?

You need to create SLP tokens first to see the option to stake them in the MarsColony app.

The tutorial is there: Tutorial: How to provide liquidity and earn rewards

O.G. There’s the turorial provided by SilentRage. Here’s the app link below or you can also click that in the Tutorial.

SilentRage, thanks for posting the tutorial. For info, i had the SLP option even before i created my LP pair in Sushi. Actully approved my SLP in the app before i had the SLP in sushi.

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Thanks - so it will only show up if you have SLPs in your wallet? I am pretty sure I approved them a few weeks ago.