Communication issue: next steps

Hey Martians :vulcan_salute:

Recently we have received several feedbacks from the community about poor communication. I would like to bring clarity to it and the actions we take to resolve it.

Direct communication

(For example when IDO campaign was launched and the community knew about it a couple of hours before it goes live)

This is an internal issue. It shouldn’t be like that, such activity should be known in advance and communicated better.


  1. Set up a Monthly community call where the core team will present achievements for the past month and plans for the next one (both Product & Growth)
  2. Keep weekly updates + include a post about monthly progress (3 weekly + 1 monthly post on the forum)
  3. Design internal communication process (how the announces should be communicated, when and so on)
  4. Creators will publish researches and ideas they work on on the forum to discuss with the community far in advance before it comes to the road map
  5. Set up a community support team according to the industry standards. JD will be published soon.

Our mediators are at the top of priority to be onboarded.

Vision communication

In the last several days we were talking with the community and came up to the conclusion that the vision is delivered upside down. Let’s make it clear. MarsColony is 12 months old (happy birthday btw) and we stick with the original vision.

Of course with the technology evolving, we bring more new ideas and features like the UBI concept, P2E module, etc but the vision remains the same as 12 months ago.

Original vision

MarsColony is a gamified colonization framework. With this framework, people will be able to create a borderless society & upgrade its structure in web3 on the Earth, Mars & beyond.

At the same time, we’ve received several constructive feedback that the vision should be more detailed in terms of why multi-planet, how they will be economically connected, how the united governance will work, and what’s the company strategy for market expansion.


  1. Creators will prepare a more detailed the company vision (June)
  2. Creators will release WP 2.0 (in June)

Anyone from the community who would like to contribute, please participate.

What else to improve ? :thinking:

— Creators


Multiplayer and 3D game is crucial. We need those to be able to have fun.


I like all of the suggested actions, if they will be implemented and, more importantly consistently remain such all will be fine.


I appreciate the Mars Colony team fighting to fix anything that may have got off track. One idea I’d like to throw out there that could really produce consistent engagement would be implementing some sort of Harmony Mars vs. Polygon Mars into the gameplay. Could be just a portion of the game where each planet is battling each other for resources and rewards, or something alike. It would be fun to talk shit on social media against the other planet in a fun gaming way and would create a buzz and showcase Multi-chain GameFi.


no. we will see more chains before that. bsc incoming

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Hey @andi we would love to. Just to make it clear. Take a look at the latest funding rounds of gaming startups.

As I said we would love to. @eugenefinch is dreaming about the 3d gameplay. This was one of the main reasons why we wanted to launch a new NFT collection, to inject more funding to get game devs on board. As result we got so much hate from the community (still trying to figure out who sabotaged it) that we do cash-grabbing and so on. If you also thinks so, please check my other response and let’s close this question.

Anyway, let’s try to get on the same page between core devs and the community and then move on altogether!

Hopefully to chat on the next community call.


There is no sabotage going on… what is going on is community holding devs accountable for solo actions. It’s as simple as that. Devs decided without community support to launch on another chain. Community told devs, “it’s too soon” to make such a move without a viable game framework in place, without better utility in place for CLNY, without governance in place. These are the main issues most of the community have with the launch on Polygon. It’s no surprise to the community that the NFTs have not sold out. Why, because the support you have is losing traction because there isn’t any of the mentioned in place yet.

From an outsider looking in, it looks like a cash grab, regardless of intentions. Decision was made by the DEV team only. NO INPUT FROM THE COMMUNITY was adhered to. NO VOTE was had. NO Discussions took place with the current investor pool. These are the main points of failure as viewed by the Community. There is no sabotage. Let’s be very careful with the choice of words. This is about accountability. @brother @father @eugenefinch


100% support for this comment, and I just want to add this: You can only be successful if you take into account the wishes and needs of investors and players. You should only expand a product that is functional and minimally complete! What you did was copy/fork of an unfinished project to another chain. That’s why people are calling it a cash grab. You have been focused on the wrong things.

Hello @father :wave:t2:

I know it also takes money, not only the time to develop a full fledged 3D game. That’s exactly what I said in the last AMA on the MC Discord, and I am totally on page with the team going to new chain because of the financial situation. Completely understood and the right decision to make.

What I would suggest is taking a look at these projects:

They are all on Harmony, and I think they have a similar budget as you guys. Also what they have in common is that all of them are in some sage of developing a 3D game. I’m only suggesting to maybe create a meeting with those people, and ask them for the advice. Maybe they know something that MC team have not noticed. You could create a private or public meetings with those teams, and ask them questions, have their and our communities meet each other.
I’m just saying that they might be able to help, or tell us their stories how they managed to do it.

Andi :v:t2:

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That’s also fine. If the team need funding to develop the ideas, that’s completely fine and normal. And if done well, the core logic from each chain should not differ. It shouldn’t be difficult and too much time consuming to have core of the game usable on other chains. If that’s the point, MC can easily colonize most of the chains and gather all the necessary funding to develop 3D and multiplayer game.

Hey @TdxTri regarding the community influence on the project. I agree that there is a settled process for this yet. But it’s something that will be improved right after we improve the p2e module (what has the biggest demand for now)

:heart: :heart: :heart:

@andi this is a really good idea. I’ll try to talk with all of them this month. Added to my to-do list as well.

And I really appreciate that you keep contributing and understanding that things can’t be just black or white and that sometimes issues are much deeper and it takes time to resolve them.

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Awesome! I’m sure that at least some of them are going to answer the call. MC is most probably going to gain friends from those project. And that could leave to partnerships between projects. Partnerships could include:

  • Bringing Lambos to the Mars and driving them around
  • Creating a portal to Cosmic Land/Harmonyville/Monster Universe and allowing others to walk their avatars in our world, mine resources and so on… This should also be the other way around, let us walk Martians in their lands and have fun with other species.
  • Organize co-hosted AMAs sometimes in the future.

This is just and initial and wild guessing without overthinking at the moment. Let’s see what’s possible and let’s make some friends out there.

Forward :v:t2:

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