[Community Idea] Let's make #MarsColony Trending on Twitter

gm Martian community!

Days ago I made a couple of posts about the game and some of my contacts asked me about it. https://twitter.com/javosalomon/status/1484729350834511873

Thinking about how we can make from the community that more people travel to mars to buy their land and make the project grow and more known,

What do you think if we all together make Mars Colony Trending Topic on twitter? If we all join together we can do it.

We should choose a day and time between all of us and tweet at the same time with #MarsColony and @marscolonyio.

Who knows, maybe we get Elon Musk to become a community Martian :slight_smile:


This is a very good idea!


Yes I love the idea of repeatedly using the #marscolony hashtag

On that note I just created a Twitter page dedicated to promoting the project

Please follow @MarsCLNY

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Just thought of another hashtag: #marsfam

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So wen #MarsColony ?

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That’s awesome! Following right now.

Where are all the Martians? The landowners? Let’s do this all together.

Looking at the following chart, it would make sense to post all together on a Wednesday at 1 PM ET.

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That’s a very useful chart. Thanks for sharing! It actually looks like anytime between 9am-3pm (adjust for your time zone) is good. Is that ET on the chart?

Even though the engagement is slightly less on Tuesdays I like the idea of doing something like this on Tuesdays simply because it is Mars’ day.

Unfortunately though I don’t think we have enough people in the community to trend on Twitter. Not saying it isn’t worth a shot though. Getting the community on board to regularly promote the project in a collaborative manner is still a great idea.

I hope more people join in this discussion and we can come up with a solid game plan.

Nice! Good Idea of doing this on Tuesday,

It looks like @marsCLNY is growing a lot, congrats!

Let’s start tweeting every tuesday 1 PM ET.

@marscolonyio #MarsFam #MarsColony @MarsCLNY

Excited to see the community joining us.