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Hi guys
My name is Nikita
I’m digital advertisement manager 30 y.o.

​​​​I became interested in crypto nearly 2 months ago. At first sight, it may be very late, but enough time to learn more.

During this time I considered many diff young projects & protocols, and all of them tell one thing "you become richest if you invest in our own technical product which is not ready to start ". So in fact I need to believe them without working functionality.

Nearly a week ago my friend told me about Mars Colony.
Guys, can you imagine before that neighboring planet will need help to control own lands. It sounds powerful. Elon Musk, I hope you find out information about this Colony :slight_smile:

I’m new buy-in crypto - but my inside voice tells me that it’s gonna be more interesting than I can imagine.

Looking for a way to contribute to MarsColony :wink:


hey @nikita_live91 :wave:

Wellcome to MarsColony!

Great to see that you are so enthusiastic about the project. As you might know, the first milestone we set is to gain 100 beta testers for our testnet. Would be awesome if you could lead this initiative :wink:


Hello everyone, my name is Dr.Lecter.
I entered the world of cryptocurrencies back in 2015 by buying my first bitcoin, in 2016 I started mining Ethereum, realizing that the future belongs to the crypto world, in 2017 I participated in a large number of ICOs, the experience was both successful and not very …

In 2019, I got acquainted with the HARMONY project, which was starting my career, participated in the beta test, the launch of the Pangea test network, and then the main network.

now I am one of the managers of ONE Immortl, and also participate in the development of ONERuDAO.

I would like to try myself in the first metaverse on Harmony, as I stood at the beginning of the network’s origins.

I think it will be very cool!


Thank you for your trust! I’m really interested in the idea :star_struck: