Community Proposal: Faucet and materials

Step 1: Faucet and Leaderboards

Because these ideas require gameplay features that will take time to develop, we thought it best to release them in stages.

The first stage is to “reward” avatars with a faucet-like drip of CLNY as a login bonus each day (say, 0.1 CLNY). This would initially come from the treasury, and eventually be replaced by a portion of transaction fees from in-game traders/merchants and the coming Mars Colony internal NFT marketplace.

As for mission rewards, initially they can just reward XP, which are used to level up your avatar. Levels/XP gained would be tracked and listed on a global leaderboard, so people can compete for the top spot, maybe for a title.

At the same time, landowners would form guilds by joining plots of land and allowing avatars to play on their land. For each quest that avatars do on guild land, the guild gains XP for “guild leveling”. Leveling your guild can grant access to more story, items, gameplay, etc.

Step 2: NPC traders followed by the addition of ‘materials’

Then, we can introduce an NPC trader that sells double XP boosts and items that buff mission success rates or other stats, which all cost CLNY (which can then fund the faucet reward).

The next step would be to develop a variety of “materials” varying in rarity which have use cases for landowners and avatars, and can be bought with or sold for CLNY.

Use cases could range from crafting to upgrades to repairs and refreshing perishable items, rebuilding after worm attacks, etc.

Some ideas we had for perishable NFTs were tools which could boost skill/add efficiency/allow access to rare materials during missions (think how you need at least an iron pickaxe to mine diamond in Minecraft).

These ‘tools’ (Perishable NFTs) could be crafted by highly skilled Martians and sold on our market for CLNY.

The rarer the materials used, the better % you have at crafting a high tier ‘tool’ (Maybe you could buy luck potions from the NPC which increases the chances of a better tool craft).

The thought is, once we go have other planets they could have different materials, meaning each chain would need all of the others to progress.

Step 3: Avatar Gen 2

Once we have a basic economy set up Gen 2 avatars are released, a portion of mint fees should be pooled and contribute to mission rewards, or support in-game trading/marketplace.

This is a diagram of how we think the Martian economy could be organized:

Findings Summary:

• The landowners should not need to run missions to collect CLNY emissions.

• The Avatars should have a Faucet of .1 CLNY claimable per day. (logging in bonus)

• Avatar missions should be paid in XP at first, adding materials when ready. (we think adding some materials without use cases would be good to create excitement and speculation)

• Guilds should be paid in XP by allowing players to run missions on their land.

• The funds from the sale of all Gen 2 Avatars should go to the treasury to fund the Avatar faucet and missions.

• The marketplace (SPEX) should sell PNFT’s (perishable NFT’s) ie tools and equipment. • Use case Materials sold in the market, should be sold in CLNY

Informal Poll

Do you support this idea? Vote yes or no, then add your thoughts in reply to this post!

Be kind and constructive, this was a proposal created by community members of their own interest and goodwill.

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  • No

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what’s with the grapefruit and rick trolling lyrics, makes me think this proposal is not real?


Sorry, forgot to remove those points. It’s very real, they’ve been removed now

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Can some of you No voters write down your counter argument pls?


Can you please upload the Step 3 diagram in a size that allows us to enlarge and read all the words included there? Currently it’s not possible. Thx.

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Looks way too complex for a v1 mission implementation.

Agree that image needs to uploaded in larger size. Too hard to read.

XP only rewards for avatars and a small faucet amount for login won’t attract players/keep players. There needs to be more incentive to play, not promises of tomorrow.

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I have some initial responses while I consider this further. I’ll note, though, that I really appreciate the time and work in crafting this, so a big thank you to the focus group. :slight_smile:

  • I don’t see faucet rewards as a convincing incentive to log in each day. The incentive to log in each day should be to do missions and other in-game tasks. For this reason, I do not support a faucet rewards.
  • I love the the global leaderboards idea. It’s a fun way to foster friendly competition. My thoughts, though, is to design leaderboard challenges that don’t favor whales. For example, some of the leaderboards for DFK challenge users to gather the most of resource X. If resource X is something that is obtained by foraging, having an army of foragers would increase your chances at being the top of the leaderboard. I prefer other kind of challenges that I cannot think of at the moment. lol.
  • It was written that “we think adding some materials without use cases would be good to create excitement and speculation.” I disagree with this. Materials/resources should only be implemented if they have a use case. This is to avoid introducing a material/resource that eventually is swiped under the rug.
  • The idea of PNFT’s is very, very intriguing. I’d love to see that developed more. Perishable tools and equipment open up a ton of potential. Great idea here.

Thanks for posting!


While I am not totally in with the entire proposal the PNFT’s sounds like a fantastic idea much similar to item durability in many other games. It should be considered/added to the core gameplay regardless IMO. +69 kudos :heart:


Blockquote * It was written that “we think adding some materials without use cases would be good to create excitement and speculation.” I disagree with this. Materials/resources should only be implemented if they have a use case. This is to avoid introducing a material/resource that eventually is swiped under the rug.

100% agree with this point.

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Faucet could be increased on a loyalty base as per logs, starting with a small drip increased from 0.05 a day til 0.2 clny a day also for XP points

Faucet is also a temporary meassure and was thought as an alternative to plot-owner share reward (Proposals came to fight that issue) it is coming from treasury until ingame economy picks up. By that time the ingame interactions and rewards per mission should give players enough opportunities to earn

There will be two types of materials

Materials with value will be only found on the game map during missions i.e exploration, mining material research etc… your chances to find it will be dependent on your characters team, tools and luck. With this materials you can craft and exchange on the guild marketplace for CLNY

Materials without value are just rewards dopamine kick that don’t have use for making tools or for building/crafting other objects in game they don’t offer boost either they just appear to surprise player with something cute for their personal play record

Perihables pNFTs uses could be for example you craft a Tool or weapon and this tool offers you a boost to complete a mission but after you use it for some number of times they get damaged and you have to then again find materials to create this particular weapon maybe pay a legendary, or rare (Renting Avatars Hiring Martians on Guild) with enough skill to crafted etc, the idea is give certain materials more value as they are required to make this tool also a legendary or rare can earn their day by making a tool etc…

We also thought of addin timers so if you sell a pnft item to the market place the timers freeze while is in storage and start agai once sold this idea is to make items rare and valuable.

The Guilds will offer not only Missions and rewards but also a marketplace for ingame items and materials. Extra reward pools can come from voluntary land owners to upgrade their guilds and expand buildings on their land etc…

Thank you for bringing to attention the proposal doesn’t go into refined aspects is all very superficial it will take pages to explain each mechanic.


Just to clarify only some materials would be for decoration only, this are just to look good on playability stats and to offer a dopamine hit while playing. The mayority of materials will be valuable and interchangeable in the marketplace you could read a more detail explanation on my last reply to @Durb

Thank you for sharing your opinion, It seems hard to imagine exactly what we are proposing here. The way we were duscussing was to add stuff in stages, faucets will be built before the missions arrive and they shouldn’t be to hard to program.

We were discussing a mini mission for the claiming faucet a sort of story and a short cinematic or comic but it is an extra.

Then the playable missions would include this materials implemented on the playable missions.

On the meantime other stages to build the marketplace and guilds as we expand like Roma was not built in a day we think neither Mars will be But it is super exciting when each layer expand Marscolony hits and we have another hype wave and we endup bigger and stronger.

I also like other points in The Ore and Core team proposal please don’t dissmiss our ideas. It is a shame the writing is not detail but I think the proposal has a solid reaward and economy framework but the writing is not too detail because it is focusing more on the first problem to solve the plot share revenue.

I would like the martians and team to at least consider some of this proposal points as I am sure would be interesting if added to the game.

Thank you

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A more detailed write up. For future consideration.

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