Community Proposal: ORE Token


We propose a new token called ORE for avatar mission rewards.

This token will be used in-game only and players who receive it will be able to trade it in the DEX for CLNY. However, there is a strong incentive to hold (and later use) ORE due to the value of the minerals within them.


It would be understood that initially, these minerals would not be extractable from each ORE until a later stage of the game using a new building tentatively called a mineral refinery.

This way, missions can be introduced quickly, since only one new token needs to be created for rewards and the expansion can take place later when the first set of in-game items are introduced and players are able to extract the minerals from their ORE.

It also adds another burning mechanism for CLNY as the mineral refinery would cost CLNY to build which is burned.

Players performing missions on another player’s land will have to share a percentage of the ORES with the landowner. This percentage is determined by the landowner.

When ORE are extracted, they are burned. Each ORE weighs 10 lbs and will contain:

  • 90%/9 lbs of “common” minerals - iron, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, chromium

  • 10%/1 lb of “rare” (trace) minerals - lithium, cobalt, nickel, copper, tungsten, gold

Either a player receives a fixed amount of these minerals every time or perhaps it would be more interesting if the amounts varied with each extraction but that can be discussed later.


Extracted minerals (not ORE) would be used to craft nearly all of the items that the buildings will produce in the future such as vehicles, spacecraft, robots, etc. These items would be necessary to obtain in order to progress in the game in various ways.


What is the incentive for landowners to build a “mineral refinery” and employ avatars on their lands?

Avatar missions are the only way to acquire ORE and the minerals extracted from the ORE are required to produce items from the buildings. But also there may be the threat of worm attacks or dust storms which damage buildings and reduce CLNY emissions according to the severity of the damage. Minerals would be needed for repairs.

What is the incentive for non-landowners to perform missions?

Avatars would be able to turn a small profit by collecting ORE and selling them for CLNY at the SpaceXchange OR reinvest their ORE (after extraction) in items and avatar upgrades that open up new missions to them with higher rewards increasing their earning potential.

For instance: a rover would give you the ability to travel faster and carry more cargo increasing the rate at which you obtain ORE. But first you have to use your minerals to build the rover and those minerals are “burned” (as long as the rover is in existence but a player could eventually salvage their vehicle for parts receiving a lower % of the minerals used to build it).

Where would liquidity for ORE come from?

Users could supply ORE and CLNY to liquidity pools in the DEX, maybe in return for tx fees from that pool. ORE would be minted with each mission as a reward, and burned upon extraction, so supply should always be flexible, and the value will likely find equilibrium periods based on daily active users.

Alternatively, a treasury of ORE can be maintained in a similar way to how CLNY minted is split between rewards and the treasury. Users could then buy from this treasury, and sell to it for a price that is dependent on supply and demand algorithmically.

Informal Poll

Do you support this idea? Vote yes or no, then add your thoughts in reply to this post!

Be kind and constructive, this was a proposal created by community members of their own interest and goodwill.

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This proposal covers the “Miners” profession. What are the other profession “niche”. Programmers, Scientists, Technician. Seems to be missing for the other professions in my opinon.

I like the idea here. Maybe do something for Programmers, Scientists and Technicians to have their own niche. Maybe perhaps, a Computer Center/University for Scientists and Programmers. A Research facility for All three. A specialized facility for Technicians… just some initial thoughts.

Follow Up Thoughts:
I too am of the mindset that this is more of a future consideration. I love the utility this brings to miners. I would like to see something similar drafted up to give the other professions a more real use case. I would also think that utilization of the core buildings should be incorporated.

Although they initially provide a basic necessity, they too are the basic foundation for survival and somehow these buildings need to be incorporated into the game. Maybe the Base, contains a mini refinery, mini computer center, and research facility which is capped in output initially and based on levels. This would make sense.

It has been mentioned that having an upgraded power station will allow for more missions. What role would the upgraded transport play? what role would the upgraded robot facility play. I think these are important aspects to add to this idea and how the different professions “niche” play into the use of these buildings as well as potential future ones.

*We can talk to the utility and build towards this, but the lore and missions should bring something unique to the profession that will enhance their use cases in the game now and expand it into the future. *

I could also see specializations of each type becoming available. Creativity is not my strongest quality, but I think there are sufficient creative folks in the community that could provide insight into the development of a more advanced use case for each.


I really appreciate the creativity here. The ORE token is well thought out for me to see the vision for it. I like that it fits well with the lore and theme of the project, and the use cases drive me to want to collect ORE for myself already. lol

I voted “Yes” to consider this further.

However, I make one suggestion that could influence whether I vote for this in the official vote. I have a strong gut feeling on not making ORE tradeable or transferable, and I would like to see the properties of ORE modeled after sFIRA on Defira. This means that there’d be no secondary market for ORE. Users earn it from doing missions, with a split for landowners – and that’s the only way it is obtained. The user in possession of ORE is then the only one who can extract the minerals within it, which leads to strengthening that incentive to build the mineral refinery (and thus burn CLNY to build it). Ideally, I don’t want the reward from missions to be something that is dumped for profits; rather, I want the rewards from missions to incentive more engagement with the game.

I’ll also add that besides common and rare materials being extracted from ORE, maybe there can also be a slim chance that a little CLNY can be extracted from ORE, too. Something to think about.

Thanks for posting!


Liked the idea as well. And as our friend @TdxTri had highlighted, the other professions were missing. We couls introduce something to them as well, and establish that every iten produced needed a combination of 3 items that are provided by one of each professions. By example robots, will need blueprints that could be designed by technicians, AI core created by programmers, and iron, gathered by miners.

An even deep craft system could be introduced on phase2 if you want. Like the AI core, would need a chipset, that would need a joint work done by programmers (to create the functional AI core) , technicians (crafting the chipset) and miners (gathering metal).

So, it could be further expanded. If this could be possible, I’ll give a strong yes


IMO I think you should emulate real life and I see you want to think the same.

The example starts with miners. Miners will find ORE. There will then be 2 ways to process ORE for miners to choose from.

The first way is that they extract minerals from ORE themselves, if they do so, the extraction rate will be less and the time will be longer than putting it in the factory.

The second way is that they will send it to the factory for extraction, doing so will get more but will lose money to pay fee to the factory.

This will avoid monopolies and give miners more options.

From there, miners calculate based on the amount of ORE they have and choose a way that is more profitable for them.


I like it, my vote is YES

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Like the concept here. ORE as an item (tradeable, burnable, saleable) not a currency entity (M I understanding it right?).
We expand on this and bring more items for other professions and activities. Tie it into lore and gameplay. This is a pretty solid blueprint for in-game quests, rewards and items.



Hello, I was the lead on this group’s proposal. Created this account to remain anonymous although not strictly necessary. First off thank you all for your thoughtful responses. Many of the points you bring up were discussed to some degree already so I’ll explain more now.

There was a little bit of confusion about the limitations of the proposal in terms of scope and length. Initially the proposal was verrry long but I was concerned we may have mapped out too much of the gameplay leaving the devs with little room to implement their own vision. So in the end I chose a short version that in retrospect is a bit lacking as you have pointed out.

Let’s talk about the professions :slightly_smiling_face:
Not knowing what the team has in mind for the functions of each profession does present some challenges to this reward model but Jeus didn’t seem to think it was a problem. According to him, avatar professions are not exactly exclusive. Don’t quote me but I believe he said it’s more like they specialize in one thing but all would be able to mine and the miner would simply yield more ORE, although not until miners are equipped with upgrades which would come later.

An idea we had for the other professions was to give them special missions that revolve around research and design for craft-able items. For instance, if you want to craft a rover, a miner is ideal for obtaining minerals, a scientist and programmer would be involved in the design and need to draft a blueprint and a technician would be necessary to build it. As these professions level up they’re able to do all of these things more quickly and leveling up would unlock new abilities that then unlocks the potential to craft new more exciting items. These items in turn would be the key to progress in the game as for example the rover gives you a wider span of travel which could lead to new missions.

I wanted to make it as realistic as possible while still being fun and interesting. We even talked about oxygen tanks that would need to refill after each mission and play a role in mission duration. As an added use case for CLNY but for avatars, you could pay to have your tank refilled faster at the base station. You could also upgrade your base station (which is presumably where these refills would occur) to refill oxygen faster.

I dont want to make this message too long so I’ll leave it there for now. Just wanted to let you know that we had thought about this. I plan on writing a fuller version of this proposal for the final vote so any ideas you guys want to share, critiques, etc, are welcome :pray:

Thanks again


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Loved the idea of the Oxygen. It would bear a use case and will open a new parallel market. The avatars would would pay to have it refilled faster and the lands with the deemed upgrades would provide a certain oxygen rate/hour.

Also the avatars would need rovers to travel from a land plot to another or would need to hire a dropship or something like that if they want to do faster or can do by rover that would need more time and significantly less energy. But still the rover would need replenished with energy, provided by the power plant at the land plot and that energy could be sold by the land owner at his discretion.

Pardon if my posts are long enough, but I just keep wondering what could be made.

Thanks for your answer. If I can be any help of something, please tell me. I just have some background on gamification as I designed some game mechanics for a small studio here in my country that a friend of mine produced some games.

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