Contest idea to help burn clny tokens

To help burn more clny and promote the project you could organise a raffle contest:

  • to enter, one should send some clny tokens to an adresse (this adresse is made by the dev)
  • each entry is one raffle ticket.
  • the winner gets picked from the entries. he wins a free upgrade of his plot (financed with the entries from the raffle)

I don’t know if it’s possible to gift someone an upgrade or if a plot can be upgraded without sending someone the clny he needs.

I really think this idea would help raising more awareness and engagement


this raffle contest can also be made to win free nft heroe when they are available. That would really help with the utility


In some mobile games they give you a discount on (for example) the upgrades. I think its the best way to burn clny very fast. Imagine a 50% discount on the upgrades. I will upgrade it for sure!! In the moment just the basestation upgrade makes sinn for me.


While the idea of discounted upgrade cost is considerable, if done inefficiently, it can increase sell pressure curve too fast to the rest of the project…

Better to offer discounted upgrades on gradual way.
For Example:

  • Only for a limited time period:
  1. Base Station = No discount (Its already insane good deal as it is at the moment)
  2. Level 1 (Each Category) = 20% Discount
  3. Level 2 (Each Category) = 30% Discount
  4. Level 3 (Each Category) = 50% Discount

These figures are only examples and should be considered with some one that has experience with tokenomics. The last thing we want is to make heavy emissions too fast to increase sell pressure too fast before the next phase of the game gets developed for next level economy!

Thank in advance for consideration!

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thank you for your reply, appreciate it!

My proposial wasn’t about giving discount. With a raffle contest we engage our community to send tokens to the contestadresse and those tokens get burned after a upgrade (for the winner). So no extra sell pressure, all clny send get burned.

I must say the devs are doing incredible work, and we really do have a fantastic community going on in discord. we are all behind MC!

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