Converting CLNY to One

hi, i tried to convert my CLNY in my Metamask to ONE via sushi and i kept running into this error:

" Swap failed: Unknown error: “[ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPC ‘{“value”:{“code”:-32603,“data”:{“message”:“Relay attempts exhausted”,“code”:-32050}}}’”. Try increasing your slippage tolerance."

Despite the fact that I switched up my slippage tolerance to 13%…

Please help. Thanks!


There is a problem with the harmony network.

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harmony is going through update, so you cant make any transactions for the time being

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I finally figured it out. Under Sushiswap, just increase the gas price to like 30 or something when swapping to ONE.

Harmony network has been upgraded. You need to set the GAS of Metamask to 30 when trading.

Or find the settings-advanced-reset account in Metamask. However, after resetting the account, the transaction records in Metamask will be lost, and your assets will not change.