Core Team Proposal: Society-based economy

Our goal is to build a new economy from the ground up, all centered on CLNY.

Where every existing project has failed so far is in trying to create economies based on one or two token utilities.

Our goal is to build a society on Mars and let the economy develop in stages as more use cases emulate real life. This is an overview of the main first steps, but each step can get increasingly more complex, as guilds eventually form businesses, landowners build cities, avatars expand professions, etc.

Step 1: Revenue sharing, XP leveling

At the beginning, avatars would earn XP from missions, which they use to level up their avatar (granting more stamina to complete missions, and eventually access to new tiers of upgrades, skill increases, etc).

Landowners voluntarily set a revenue sharing rate for their plots (either individually or all together), which gains a percentage of all mission rewards performed on their plots and shares that percentage of their CLNY generation with the avatars that complete missions. A base rate of CLNY generation would remain untouched, so passive generation is protected for landowners. At first, what landowners and avatars receive from mission rewards would be a portion of XP to level up their guild, but eventually would include resources and items.

Avatars have a stamina guage which allows them to perform a certain number of missions per day, which can be increased by levelling up.

Land plots also have a limited number of missions that can be performed on them per day, which is determined by the level of their Power Production Plant. Plots without a Power Plant can still host missions, but at the base rate which will need to be decided.

Step 2a: Avatar upgrades

With Missions v2, avatar and guild upgrades would be introduced.

Avatar upgrades would allow your avatar to increase stamina and skills (which determine the success rate of missions).

Additionally, their level upgrades would unlock higher tiers of inventory, resources, items, etc., once those are introduced with step 3.

Step 2b: Guild upgrades

Similar to avatar upgrades, guild upgrades would increase the perks a guild can access, such as next plot stages, new types of missions, new tiers of storage and crafting, new buildings and plot upgrades, etc. A high-level guild could even allow the landowner to upgrade buildings beyond level 3 in the future.

Step 3a: Resources, items, crafting, and NPC traders

Once missions and upgrades are launched, the next step is to design a wide array of resources/minerals which will be added to mission rewards, and shared with landowners based on their decided revenue sharing %.

These resources would be used to craft useful items, vehicles, tools, avatar upgrades, etc.

Players could buy and sell items from in-game NPC traders. CLNY used to purchase resources or items could be burned, or fund all sorts of things, that would be up to the community to decide as well.

Resources would also be used to repair or upgrade buildings, and used by guilds in mega-crafting and mega-building (an eventual addition to the game in which guilds of a certain level can use resources and CLNY to build entire new portions of the game in preparation for plot advances. For example, guilds would need to come together and pool resources to build a massive space station and shuttle fleet, with which they can launch to another planet in their galaxy. This is also on of many reasons we’re going with a multi-verse in cross-chain, so each colony can explore its own galaxy).

Some resources and items would be found across all blockchains, but some will be chain-specific and require users to venture to other universes to gather needed resources. At one point in the plot, far from now, there may be a mission that will require the mass cooperation of all interchain colonies in a giant construction project, battle, or something else…

Step 3b: Guild activities

Once resources are implemented, guilds can now be introduced to a variety of activities. They can trade resources between guilds, pool resources shared by their avatars to craft big items or ships, host competitions between guilds, etc. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Step 4: Interchain missions

Speaking of interchain, the final step would be to tie chains together beyond just necessary resources with missions that require interchain travel, cross-colony diplomacy, or even multiversal cooperation or conflict/competition.

This is all just an overview, so I don’t overload you with specifics. If you have questions or concerns, share them in the replies!


Why isn’t there a secondary token?

There’s no way to introduce a secondary token without it stealing from CLNY. Resources shouldn’t be treated as profit vehicles, though there will be ways to buy and sell them for CLNY.

But, treating resources as tokens and creating trading pools for them would mean organic markets inevitably create speculation around them which then leads to distraction from CLNY and a highly unstable price of resources.

We’d then get a bunch of players here during periods of high prices for resources solely looking to turn a profit, and then they’d leave and fud the project when resources are in low price periods. It’s unhealthy, and just because we’re a blockchain-based game doesn’t mean everything needs to be tokenized.

If the point is to make useful in-game items, let’s make useful in-game items, and let CLNY be the currency of the colonies, as it was intended to be.

If we divert use cases and demand from CLNY to a secondary token, it hurts everyone by making CLNY less valuable.

Why revenue sharing?

By giving landowners the ability to share their earnings in return for mission rewards, you create a highly personalizable form of interaction in the game, and allow for all sorts of subcultures to develop.

It creates a symbiotic and thriving relationship between avatars and landowners in which each benefit and share their progress, rather than one in which a greedy landowner exacts payment from an avatar who has no option but to perform missions on their land.

It’s exploitative and unstable to make avatars pay landowners just to play the game, without receiving anything tangible in return.

Just imagine if we made a large power plant on one of the poles that allowed avatars to play for free and not share their earnings? What incentive would they have to play on a landowner’s plot? Forcing avatars to play on a landowner’s land without a fair trade is just the creation of a fake problem to coerce players. With revenue sharing, landowners get to choose their offering and avatars get to weigh their options, join guilds, and participate in a growing economy while keeping the focus entirely on CLNY.

What will differentiate each chain’s planet?

Each planet will be called Mars, but due to the multiverse, will have different terrain, resources, and, possibly even lifeforms.

As such, users will need to visit or trade with other colonies across the multiverse to accomplish everything there will be to accomplish. Colonies will eventually be able to cooperate in mass-missions and exploration. Once again, the possibilities are pretty endless.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. There’s more to discuss, but we risk getting lost in the weeds. If you have questions or thoughts, reply to this post!

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Just drawing on something in a different proposal - would it not be important for resources to be of use for both landowners and players, and both be able to generate resources to share with one another? To ensure a true economy, rather than one in which avatar players are only selling resources for CLNY


Yeah! The resources will be useful for both kinds of players, and landowners would be able to use them for different things than avatars, like differnet kinds of items/repairs. Guilds would have access to things that require LOTS of materials as well, so communities could form around it


No sure if this was addressed at some point or not. when profit sharing kicks in, will land owners and avatars share the 1 clny per plot? Or will each plot have a variable amount each day and is then shared between the 2 parties? Basically what I am getting at is if some early investors [land owners] who dont want to play and just do profit sharing, will their 1 clny per day decline or will it stay the same as now AND if they decide to actually get avatars themselves and play the game, earn more than the 1 clny//day … hope this all makes sense


I feel like focusing mainly on CLNY not just increase its future value but supports both the land and avatar owners.

Also if other chains would be going with the Team proposal I personally support that harmony go on the same path and get the future updates as other planets do. Imo developing a different path would be money and mostly time consuming.

While the community proposals had some interesting idea I cant unsee how the Core Team’s proposal focusing more on long term and suits the path that they initially developed.

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I do not mean to offend but, from an economic point of view, it is most definitely not a good idea to have CLNY as the denominative currency of an aspiring galactic exchange. Unless a very strong plan to subdivide the token and/or communicate fractional value is in place for the future, it would be an absolute disaster to attempt trade at a intergalactic level with such a tiny and ever-shrinking supply of currency. Communication and exchange of value would be almost impossible and the currency therefore irrelevant except to hodl (just like Bitcoin is currently)

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This will be explained in greater detail for why it will not inflate uncontrollably, but the supply of CLNY at 144-ish million is for each blockchain, so eventually the economies will be able to trade between them and have plenty supply of clny to meet exchange needs. The fractional value of clny can also be extended to 8 decimal points, I believe.there are plenty of ways to resolve this :slight_smile:


There is no inflationary aspect of MC tokenomics that is a long-term problem it is actually quite the opposite. Deflationary aspects with presumed future dev will shrink supply down to laughably low levels in the decades to come. Mint rates affecting the supply in the few years after ICO is not the problem I am referring to. Also, I understand it is possible to take clny down to 8 decimal places but this goes back to my previous concern about dealing in decimal places for value denomination. Just like using bitcoin for a candy bar, its arbitrary and counterproductive to the purpose of currency in an exchange process. Denomination should be able to follow development to an extent, to remain somewhat constant and efficient at standardizing objective communication of value within the p2e ecosystem. If clny takes on the role as currency denomination in MC, there is no expanding the supply to incorporate new aspects of development to maintain objective denomination and communication of value.

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With each update you give us, the longevity of Mars Colony only continues to expand. As I read through many of the future updates/developments yet to come, that’s what shows me that MC is transcending beyond the “NFT /blockchain game” into a sustainable “Marsverse”.

I really idea of the Land owners/Avatar holders having mutual benefits. Super excited to get started!


I agree with $CLNY being the one and only token for all things on Mars and it’s universe. It’s the only way to build the value and stability into the token. It would be great if it could be used cross-chain. The same token(or the same price representation of the token) should be on each new chain. That way by adding new chains the token power will grow.


From this proposal, it sounds like cross-chain can be a major part of the future of MC. I guess a sidebar question would be what happen if the Harmony MC chain decides to have a different economy than all other chains that MC will be built on, does that mean the harmony MC chain won’t be able to participate/interact with the MC cross-chain future? So I guess if the original harmony community decides to vote to go its own way rather than the core team proposal, will it essentially be isolated/forked off? Just curious how that interaction would work, thanks!


Truly inspired. Learned from a short past and built for a long future. :+1:

My doubt was resolved on the discord so defenetly resouces will be tradable for clny and will hold value on the ingame economy but no on external markets

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Yes, This is the one!

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This is also my curiosity.

EDIT for clarity:

Revenue sharing is two-ways, CLNY for mission rewards. Landowners choose a % of their CLNY to share with avatars performing quests on their land, and in return they get that % of the avatar’s mission rewards.

If you perform your own missions on your own plots, whatever % you set would all go to you anyway so earnings are unaffected. For p2e, it doesn’t make sense to have 0 be an option long-term, but we can have a transitional stage which allows 0% to be set for landowners that can’t play all their land, until there’s too many players for that to be sustainable and each land’s missions will be needed.


See now this completely blows this entire proposal up beyond any semblance of a good idea and it pisses me off that it’s packaged as voluntary and in reality it’s only temporarily voluntary, then pay for avatars or lose out. If Marx is staying true to his name this landowner shakedown sounds about on point. Not only is there no new token to denominate a brand-new ecosystem, the current one, CLNY is being jacked from landowners to stretch out over the whole p2e ecosystem eventually whether they like it or not.


First of all, thanks a lot for your hardwork and coming up with some great ideas. I personally think that we should just focus on CLNY and its future usecases. This first proposal is my favourite, I think it benefits all of us. I look forward to the development and colonizing the magical red planet Mars!


I completely agree with this statement.


I believe each new chain adds a fresh supply with a cap. This supply, with the same tokenomics is then distributed through the multiverse. Not sure that is being considered. but it should be. I had originally suggested to combat inflation of the CLNY token, that it be reduced in future chains by half the current market cap of the Harmony chain to ensure Harmony chain version maintains the ultimate dominance of circulating supply. New chains would have the scarcity advantage driving up the price of CLNY on other chains. Bridging between chains is a key component to the success of this model, as it will be the only way to ensure cross chain utilization of the CLNY token on all chains.

Just some initial thoughts here. @brother @father