Cryochambers release

Story time:

Cryo-chambers from the MARXCO (or MarsColony) company have just been delivered from Earth. Martian can place themselves in the pod and connect their brain to an AI-system. While the body is resting and saving resources, the brain will be engaged in active training. The Martian will receive knowledge from the database, which is endowed with AI.

These are new technologies of space construction, colony development strategies and much other knowledge. Therefore, these are not just the cryochamber, but a mobile Cyberspace Training Center.


By default users don’t have a cryptochamber cryochamber. There is a new tab in avatar/storage window now:

There you can claim your cryochamber for 120 CLNY – and get it forever. Also you get initial 5 fuel rods.

You can claim more fuel rods for 10 CLNY each. One fuel rod allows to put one avatar to the cryochamber for 7 days. You get XP when your avatar is released (automatically, no extra transaction needed).

These avatars have one restriction – not being able to play missions while passively gaining XP.

Also, we have added these parameters to the NFT metadata:

We don’t restrict trading avatars which are in cryochambers, but marketplace users should be aware about it.

P.S. cryochambers aren’t NFTs, they are attached to your wallet. You can’t transfer and trade them
P.P.S. 100% of CLNY used to claim cryochambers/fuel rods are immediately burned in same transaction
P.P.P.S. you get XP for approximately 2 missions a day based on your avatar level (like 14 mission in 7 days)




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Nice, keep them updates coming…


Fuck yeah. Thats awesome…Go team Go…


You definitely want to check what 120 CLNY (and N x 10 CLNY for fuel rods) are burned

Just have found someone’s recent transaction: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

You can see there a token transfer of 120 (CLNY) to 0x0:

This actually means burning


Instead of Burning, why not put most of it in its own address to pay Mission Rewards?

I think the xp earnings are far too little. You pay clny for it, it should be at least as big as in normal play. It would be even better to earn more xp than playing, then more people will use it. At the moment I don’t see any advantage in doing this if you only have a few avatars.

It would also be really great if we could borrow our avatars in the future. That would attract people who don’t want to invest but are addicted to gambling. The profit that an avatar then makes could be shared with the owner. The money won will be invested back into the game by the player.

The concept is Play to Earn. Where is the Earn part of the concept? Gotta start putting that part into the tokenomics. Burning tokens to reduce emissions doesn’t help with the economics. Need to start putting utility into the token, not just burn it away. Marketplace is key. Having to use fuel rods is the first step towards creating actual utility. Need to circulate the token better within the economy.

XP has no value right now. I would have liked to have seen a time based mission where you can send the avatar on a mission without actually having to claim until the timer is up. Check out https: // . This is a great example of token utility and combining XP upgrades in levels.

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Ideally, this is also an added bonus for those who don’t actually want to participate but can get a return on their avatar.

I mean you can design the chamber as a recovery station for the avatars. eg. After 10 missions, an avatar should go into the chamber to recover. Of course that costs clny and in the time you don’t want to get half of the xp.

Awesome! I think it’s fair to earn less then when you “play”. The concept should stay play to earn, but the features like this are awesome and welcome. Imagine if one wants to go on vacation, and don’t want to be bothered, or can’t play for a few days/weeks, but still can earn decent rewards. I like the concept.
Now waiting for the real playable missions. :v:t2:

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It wasn’t mentioned in the post, but it came to my mind. What happens with the Utility Crates? Can one get the Utility Crate in the chamber?
If not, how about just lowering the chance of getting it, not just making it 0?