First New Features Should Be: DAO/LP/DEX

Hey Martians, local landed Martian Gentry here suggesting that we’re getting a little over our skis with all of this 2D/3D and game dynamics stuff.

Here’s what I’d suggest:

DAO - get the / a DAO working so that token holders are allocating their tokens in support of ideas to drive Marscolony forward. I love you all, but if you aren’t holding plots and CLNY, why should you determine where this project goes? There are plenty of plots for sale. Put your $ONE where your mouth is and jump on in.

LP / DEX - I’ll put these together. These are the initial financial tablestakes this project needs to maintain investment interest in the project. It will generate fees for the devs and allow those with ONLY a financial interest to continue injecting economic energy into the ecosystem.

After these are in place, I’d suggest the devs (or those of us familiar with bringing projects to market) begin suggesting next steps for vote / consideration within the DAO.

Ideas are great, but we need to kick into the governance / leveraging the token to start moving this entire thing forward together.



Agreed. A governance structure for those already invested in the project is paramount so the voices of those involved can be heard.

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