Framework vs Colonies priorities

Hi @father, @eugenefinch and all of the Community!

I’ve really enjoyed latest AMA with Alpha Gaming DAO (and I suggest everyone to listen to it, it’s available in ama-recordings channel of Alpha Gaming DAO discord).

I think I finally get what are you trying to build. And that’s really different that I initially thought and I think many more make same mistake. But that’s partially because situation is indeed really confusing, maybe @father you can make some clarifications on this either here or in upcoming AMA.

The problem I see so far is that the Product team is trying to build (Colonization Framework) is NOT the same as a first (Mars Harmony) and second (Mars Polygon) framework applications to say so. However to public the Product is presented as Mars Colony i.e. most people “buy” not what the team is doing, so to speak.

This results in a lot of confusion. For example then colonist express their questions about colony development you often appeal that it’s up to colony to decide how to develop and what to do next, because they are in control etc, and you are only building the Framework. However team is still involved in working on Colonies, so that is not entirely correct. And honestly I don’t really see colonies could advance without team support in any forseeable future.

Suppose one colony decides to have a simple 2D-game style gamification part, and other colony complex 3D-game style gamification part. It’s not possible to satisfy both and so team would not be capable to do both. That’s the part there colonies must hire their own teams do develop what they want. But I almost sure noone here really wants this. That’s not the governance and independence I want. I don’t believe that without original team over-governance and coordination (like bringing proved to be good parts of one colony to the others) it’s sustainable.

So maybe team should be split to more distinct parts that is building Framework and other ever-growing (because there will be more and more colonies) part that is overlooking all the colonies. I want some sore of guarantee that team will not leave the colonies by their own at some point.

I know this all may be a bit confusing, but that’s because it is and I think a lot of miscommunications are caused by this too. I just scratched a surface of potential problems caused by this “product” duality. But the core problem (for now) is that many of us invested in front-facing “Harmony Mars” product Framework application but not the Framework itself! Which is the main product. In fact there is no way we could invest in it. There is no “global” project token.

Hope there is a chance team could clarify on the questions I mentions and my understanding of the situation overall.



Direct link to AMA recording mentioned in the topic.

Hey @Petr01 thank you for your input. Looks like we are getting more clarity here. Yep, we build a colonization framework for the societies on Earth, Metaverse, Mars, and beyond. Also if you listened to the AMA, you heard the feedback from the Alpha Gaming DAO

  • Nobody wants just a new P2E game, the market wants to have something bigger, something more meaningful, scalable.
  • You probably also heard very positive feedback from Alpha Gaming DAO on what do we try to build

I believe those should be good signs for our community to listen to the creators of this project and understand what we try to build in the long term. Play to Earn is a big module of MarsColony, but it’s not the only what we build. It’s important, it’s transparent, its true.

Regarding P2E

A big part of this framework is the P2E module. We know that the majority of the community wants to have it as soon as possible. So all our resources are focused on it. Tomorrow @eugenefinch will share a more detailed product plan for June.

Regarding Colonist & Independece

Let’s make this part clear as well. Of course, we want each colony to be independent and sustainable and not depend on the core devs. In an ideal world, it should work right after the launch, but in the real world, it doesn’t work like that. Simply because the development of the framework isn’t finished. We are just at the beginning of this long way.

The core devs and our stickiness with the project

The current state of the colony isn’t ready to be released and depends on the core devs. We understand that. Here is a high-level list of modules that should be launched before we can start moving towards indepenced

  1. P2E Module (our main priority now). It’s not a game, but it’s gamefi, so the p2e module will be delivered as promised: more CLNY utilization, better gameplay, more missions, and more features.
  2. DAO & Goveernance module
  3. Complete DeFi part (Marketplace, Lending against land, Stable coin, Cross-chain bridge, one side liquidity, etc)
  4. Increase liquidity pools (for stable sustainable growth we need 10x bigger liquidity pools)

So, @Petr01 I would like to assure you that the core devs will not stop building and contributing to Harmony Colony until these modules are released and functional, unless the NFT landlords ask the core team to go, by electing and funding another team.

In the end

If something is not clear, lets chat, if you have ideas, lets chat, if you guys have costractive criticism, lets improve the process.

I feel that we all are in the same boat and we should lead this boat to the success together!


Thanks @father Things are getting more clear now. I appreciate the scope of this project, and your awareness of the core team not over-controlling that scope. I think there have been communication issues and some decisions that were made unilaterally, but overall, I think your vision is a beautiful one. It may take time, but I have full confidence in this project. I am looking forward to where we go next.


Thanks for answering! Some of my concerns were addressed.

I think I found analogy from gamedev world, to some extent of the current situation. There are games and there are game engines, like Unity or Unreal.

In some sense you and team are developing new game engine (I get that GameFi is not actually the target, same as Unity/Unreal can be used for any 3D app not specifically a game). But at the same time you are using that “engine” to build a “game” at the same time. Obviously this takes much more time, and much more complex. So project is loosing in terms of speed to other projects which use already existing “engines”.

The problem as I see it, is that only the “game” part is piched and users see only it, so naturally they are worrying that you start to develop next “game” before finishing first one.

This “engine” part is really great, but from purely practical level currently I don’t see how this is/would be beneficail to us because we don’t own this “engine” part. And “game” part we own is slowed down in development because the “engine” is developed on-the-go at users expense. Maybe team could think of ways of further incentivizing demand by tokenizing and sharing part of framework ownership to early investors? Maybe by staking CLNY? Just an idea :slight_smile:.

Personally I thought that I invest into GameFi project with a twist, but it turned out this is much more and possibly unique beast. But so far I think this project is something unique, but not owned by me as owner of specific plots. So to put it more clearly, for the Harmony Mars Colony what is the benefit of being developed under Framework and not as single unique product?

Hope this all makes sense, and thanks again!


Hey @Petr01 you made a great point in terms of the engine. We should address this question to @MEMOLOGICAL_EXPEDITI & @eugenefinch, they are the right people to make the decision in terms of what engine we use why, and what the plan is for that.

Regarding the CLNY utilization @eugenefinch also proposed to launch staking as short term solution while the core team work on more advanced features.

Thanks, but no, referencing to game engines was just to illustrate that most people think that team is building “game” (GameFi project), but in fact team is building “game engine” + “games on that engine” (Framework + Mars and Polygon colonies). That misunderstanding is causing a lot of trouble IMO.


Oh, yeah, agree with that. Working on updating WP to bring more details on all those modules. Hopefully it will also bring more clarity.

@Petr01 @father Petr, I think this is the critical point here that is causing miscommunication. And you’ve given us a vocabulary to talk about it. As Father suggests, I think we need more clarity on this from the core team. Thanks all!

Guys please take a look to my ideas for this game and what they should be focusing on delevering:

Hey @CairnAndWeb yeah, I mentioned it, we want to bring more clarity for this as well.

Please tag @eugenefinch @Lyagushka

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