[Game Idea] Avatar enhancements

Wanted to make sure this wasn’t lost in discord. Adding the image to the forum for reference.


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Nice! Thanks for sharing with the forum. I’ll comment on the avatar idea that @vivalong78 shared.

I really like the avatar category/types and their specialties. They fit really well into the theme of the project, and I imagine they’d fit well into the lore, too.

However, there’s one comment I’d like to share – and it’s targeted at the suggestion that these avatar categories/types and specialties should be determined when the avatar is minted. That’s certainly a conventional way to go – but there was something in one of @brother 's tweets that has me reflecting on a more novel way to go. Here’s the text of his tweet:

You are a blank slate (1).

Despite what they say, it isn’t hard to change.
7:42 PM · Feb 22, 2022

Now, imagine this: all avatars are minted as a blank slate (from the perspective of category/type and specialization), and the owner has the power to choose the category/type and the specialty of the avatar. It is a lot like an RPG: choose your starting class, level them up, spend skill points, choose your specialization. Similar to an RPG, Mars Colony could create various skill trees for each of the basic types that you mentioned, and spending skill points on various skills takes the avatar down toward a specific specialization.

This could be a really fun way to level avatars, and I’m sure a lot of users would develop a stronger connection to their avatars because they’d create their avatars to reflect their own styles and interests. That, in turn, would just further strengthen a user’s interest and support in the project because creating your own avatar helps to create a more personal relationship between the avatar and the user.

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While the blank slate idea is interesting, what is the motivation to purchase an avatar if there are no rarities or differences for stats other than appearance?

I’m just spitballing here, but a motivation to purchase a blank-slated avatar would be the blank slate: that is, the opportunity to fully customize the avatar’s class, skills, and specialization. It’d be a lot like being able to create a new character from scratch in an RPG (minus the cosmetic). This kind of an avatar, if held, could be pretty sought after later on as the game progresses; essentially, these blank-slated avatars would become really scarce.

On the other hand, there could also be motivation to purchase an avatar that has already progressed down a skill tree and has had it’s class and skills locked in already (by a previous owner(s)). Motivation here would mean less time for a new owner to invest in for an avatar that is ready for later-game content.

I like your overall idea @vivalong78, i think a lot of what you proposed could be used. i would like to see a few changes.
first off would be to make the “classes” more of a skill tree and add the starting class as Colonist.
All Avatars would start as avatars and can be leveled up according to above but also include EXP from questing/missions along with resources and maybe even a small amount of clny to be burned.

AS for new players that purchase a colonist that doses not own a plot may something along the lines of “working” for a plot owner with a split of 85% to avatar owner 15% to plot owner. This would also act as another incentive for plot owners to upgrade their facilities.