[Game Idea] Governance vote for the community - Use case for CLNY

Hello there,

I see many of the community member discuss about the price of CLNY and some be afraid with this.

I propose something which can be good to maintain the stability of the price and bring use case for CLNY which don’t have yet. We know that Liquidity mining comes soon, feel free to check other topic, @father answers many questions. But in term of Governance, it will be interesting to bring pool of CLNY, or take snapshot to vote for proposal. In the time the CLNY use for the snapshot or locked in the pool can’t be used for anything else. The proposal with the higher CLNY snapshot will be focus.
If it can be implement easily, it will bring one use case for the CLNY and maybe counter the sell pressure.

But this idea give a lot of vote power for whales having 50 lands so I think we must limited the number of CLNY used for vote, like 5 or 10 per wallet to vote for proposal.

Feel free to give your point of view, and if it’s ok i will make the proposal on the roadmap features request.


I am thinking about quadratic dependency when

  • 1 Vote cost 1 CLNY per vote
  • 2 Votes cost 2 CLNY per vote
  • 3 Votes cost 4 CLNY per vote
  • 4 votes cost 16 CLNY per vote
    … and so on

in this case Whale can get more votes, but it will be a way more expensive

UPD: and probably to join early governance will be able only users with NFT land or NFT aliens (If it will be launched)


Yeah, it’s a good idea !
With this Whales have a better vote power seems to me ok, but even small CLNY holder can propose and vote for something without be crushed.

Ooooooooh I like this !!! NFT Aliens features annouced ? Just joking, but I think each is ok, NFT land for the LandLords, NFT Aliens for those who have no Land. Like this, everybody can be part of the Governance.

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A good idea is to give an opportunity to vote more transparently