[Game Idea] - Music in the game

I propose music whilst in the game. Only the one space-themed tune is needed for now but as the game develops there could be different music depending on what area you’re on in the app. It’s something very simple that gets noted with DFK al ot.


Yes! We need a Mars vibe. Futuristic sound track would be awesome.


Some slow paced synthwave futuristic music would be great

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Wow, guys! Seeing the second post asking about the music in the game. Thanks for you feedback. Let us look into it.

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I am more than happy to compose the music- I have done music for videogames and films in the past. More than happy to make some for the great colony in the stars.


There were many more requests for this feature on the Discord server. Music is the feature that should be prioritized, imo. It would add a ton of vibe.

It would be nice if our game musics has the same vibe as HOME: Odyssey :slight_smile: