[Game Ideas] 193 community ideas analyzed 🤯 — here's what I found

Hey colonists :wave:. It’s time to summarize the results of this contest and pick the winner (-s :smirk:) .

First of all — thanks to all the participants! We have collected 193 ideas from 160 community members, and this is stunning!

Top 10 requested ideas

  1. Generalized - Introduce new NFTs or game mechanics for newcomers;
  2. Land lease market;
  3. Graphical representation of buildings on land;
  4. Ingame guilds;
  5. Settler NFTs;
  6. New planet (-s);
  7. Resource mining on lands;
  8. Mars satellite (-s);
  9. Split lands into smaller plots;
  10. Quests system.

Fun fact
There are 3x more community members who request land split features compared to the ones that request a land merge.

Most of the ideas can be built by the team. But some of them can be built by the community on top of the existing Mars Colony game.

Winner idea :trophy: by VoronkovOleksii

There were so many other brilliant ideas! And it was hard to choose from them. I have decided to add 4 more categories to the contest and reward each winner with 15 CLNY.

Best community-oriented idea :medal_sports: by Cryptal Pines

Exploration Crowdfund -
Everyone can contribute to “Space Dev R&D” by pooling $ONE and $CLNY into a treasury, for use in kickstarting a launch into the next chain.
Airdrops/land allocations can be raffled to contributors, and everyone is rewarded while keeping tokenomics cool.
Visually, we would of course want to see a huge spacecraft being built. As more funds are sent to the pool, more workers appear and the ship appears more impressive and breathtaking - exactly how space exploration should feel.

Idea with the best structure :medal_sports: by Candor.one

The most daring idea :medal_sports: by Bob Sakemano

Build out a new layer underground, which will open up new real estate, and add new functionality to base stations a power generation/ports for underground infrastructure. @boringcompany?

The most degen idea :medal_sports: by Abner Francisco Casallo Trauco

Introduce a second inflationary token with high APY in Pool farming/staking. This new token could be use in things related to transactions and let CLNY for premium uses with low APY in farm/staking. Why? Is the best for long term on the project.

Other notable ideas

By Golden Bunny

Since land plots is finite, introduce satellites, lower bracket tier, still bring functionality and yeld. Land owner can build but can’t use it, they can only “rent” to others who enhance it providing yeld farm which will be then splitted between original builder and Space Cowboy
This should bring way more users and grant longer stability to the entire system. Could be even customized with different token used for different things/quest in vision of a new related marketplace and more…
Tier II, satellites could then be build, this should take weeks/ months
Satellites T II could then be used to discover and conquer little moons with limited land plots, system will then be repeated until universe is conquered
Progression could be: Land, Upgrades, Satellite T1, Upgrade Satellite T2, Factory T1, Drone, Scouting operations, Factory T2, Spaceship, New colony - rinse+repeat

By FaDi

For more improvement, if someone didn’t claim his rewards within 3-5 days, all his unclaimed #CLNY will burn, this will make all people active on the game and it wil improve the supply of the coin.

By Igor

Mars bacteria, that starts eating(burning) away your produced clny / meteorites, that damage your buildings with increasing speed, if you don’t replenish your shields every X days. Incentivises players to log in and creates clny scarcity.

By I I

You guys can add character NFT’s with professions that will live in the lands, these characters can give different “buffs” for example an engineer would make upgrades faster. There can also be guilds that can help fellow guild mates by donating resources or lending them character
Devs can also add different planets with different resources and the players would need to build a station like “NASA” that will make inter-planet travel possible. This will also give new investors a chance to buy land in game

By gremlin

Display the Sol (days on mars) which already passed since launch of the app. You can see since when a Land is active so people can call themself „here since day one“ for example to identify with the app and product as one of the original players. Maybe add badges to this idea.

By Hugo Magalhaes

Bonus on production for having certain plots together or nearby. Also think it would be a good idea to create Landmarks around the world with specific bonus and information with different perks for being close/nearby.

By Degenlife

Land passes nft so that our sever will grow. low entry price and then people can browse around different lands. land holders get to dictate the price of allowing them mine our resources. they can take a percentage 60/40 etc. whatever resource they mine/collect can sell for CLNY

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