[Game Ideas] Additional farming resources with trading

I was thinking whether we can have resources additional to CLNY but less scarce, which can be used to build different things. For istance (yes i know these aren’t easily available on Mars, it’s just an example):

  • Wood → used to build wooden buildings, furniture, ecc.
  • Stone → used for building stone buildings, bridges, ecc.
  • Scraps → used for building robots, art pieces, ecc.

Then I would propose that each land owner can use CLNY to purchase a maximum of one resource mining asset per land. So each land can only farm either stone, wood or scraps. This way we would have a major way to differentiate lands between each other and incentivize land owners to trade assets. And to build anything in the future you would always need CLNY + a set of different resources.


Hi @Celadon .

Great idea about rewarding land with only specific resource, as it is actually happening in real world. It would definitely stimulate resource tradings considering the fact that you might be needing combination of resource to build/produce something in the future.

Adding to our idea list for the upcoming roadmap. Big thanks for sharing!


Thats a great idea. Adding to your idea, I would love to see upcoming SpaceShip NFTs to be also upgradable with Speed, Cargo Space & a Specialty using $CLNY & Other Resources to go and import/export resources from/to other Planets or other Galaxies. Maybe it can be implemented as soon as SpaceShip NFTs are minted without needing the other chain’s planets… each chain having its own locations of resources within each chain where the SpaceShip can travel to mine + transport back to MARS to complete quests &/or to build/upgrade/craft tools/structure components/etc. on MARS.

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I like and agree with the idea. Only I wouldn’t restrict lands to mine only one asset. Let’s say a land can mine 10 assets, I would give landlords the right to choose how they want their mining for resources to be spread. The only rule is that is has to add up to the maximum mining potential of the land(10 in my example).

For example, one could mine:

  • 10 wood
  • 6 stone + 4 scraps
  • 4 wood + 3 stone + 3 scraps
    Or any possible combination that adds resources up to 10.