[Game Ideas] Allowing only Landlords v.s Allowing anyone provide liquidity: A possible solution

Hi, guys. Father asked in telegram about 1. Alowing only landlords provide liquidity and 2. Alowing anyone provide liquidity. I think a middle solution is that anyone could provide liquidity but landlords could have more APY and if you lock the rewards, a land could help to unlock faster a %.

It could help to have new investors on the game and, at the same time, not reduce the value of the lands.

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Ofc we need external people to provide liquidity


I disagree with any type of restriction or advantage to landlords. We already get the CLNY rewards from the land that represents 49% of the CLNY that will ever be minted. Only 20% goes to the LP people, if we, landlords that already have the majority get even more CLNY or faster from a smaller pie it’s just bad looks. Just say this to yourself “I get 49% of the rewards and you get 20%, but I am not satisfied, I think I should get my rewards unlocked before you do.” Doesn’t sound a little off? Because this is what is intrinsically being asked, to give more perks to me, who already have more perks than the rest.

It’s important to understand something that I think people are confusing, the LP rewards will not be higher than the land rewards on the long term, they simply cannot due to how tokens are distributed, I think people look at DFK and Viper and imagine we will have hundreds of thousands of APR on release. This is not the case because they distribute all the tokens besides the pre-mint from the farms and we just have 20% from them, there are other 80% tokens out there, even the treasury get’s more rewards than the farms. Don’t compare what is not comparable sirs, our tokenomics are night and day.


That’s a good point, man. I also think on that, but I was wondering how distribuite the rewards of 49% of lands and 20% of tokens without damage the price of lands or token in short/middle term (commonly the pools starts with high APY). The price of lands are very important, I’m not olny thinking in early investors, you still can buy a land in secondary market. But anyway, It’s about that, find a good point to benefit new investors and not damage early investors.