[Game Ideas] Districts

Being able to make optional districts on colonies that will be part of colony upgrades. That way those who missed out can buy these districts so they can build and mint. The landowner will get an adjustable percentage to tax keeping it competitive on minting CLNY.

Examples of things to be built in these districts will be:

Farms (liquidity or NFT alien animals)
Bars (For recruiting pilots/mercs/heroes)

Some of these options may require a second opinion/vote For if the landlord should be able to do this or the district owner.


If the game wants to add additional users, this is a great concept to do that without losing the scarcity of the 21,000 lands. Nice!


I would like to see “leasing” added to the game, where these districts can either be sold off, or leased (rented for a period of time) by others. Land owner retains ownership and rents their property to someone else for profit.

Any additions made to a district become property of the land owner as it is in real life.


Land owner should be required to provide Power to districts, upgrades to power production would be required for the ability to create additional districts ( city like land plots ), Farming sub plots could be leased but for less, but do not require power station upgrades.

Building in districts could receive discounts for adding solar production to the buildings (an upgrade cost to the building)


This is a great idea to gain new users, add more utility, and value to the project/CLNY

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This is awesome dude <3 This is a great idea to add more utility and gain new users! add Renting <3

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Cool concept, it’d have to be a good incentive for the land owners to let someone run around on their territory. Personally I wouldn’t be about it. It’s my land I say what goes where!!:crazy_face:

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I absolutely love this idea, please let’s make it happen!

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Like the idea but have to still figure out how the economics will work.

Land owners seem a bit too much in the advantage, they will have to give up something too.

Also, reserving plots on the lands for upgrades are needed and obviously the more you upgrade the better returns also for renters.

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It sounds like a great idea!
To not advantage the landlord too much probably we could pay some CLNY to enable districts/ allow to build more districts?

Also maybe only the addresses that don’t have a land (or someone different of the landowner) should be allowed to build something on the districts? (even if could be workaround by creating a new address but it makes it less easy)

Makes total sense to me. Land owners have to have skin in the game to help their tenants build up. “Loans” or “Shared” cost of upgrade cost if mutually agreed upon. Some sort of consensus mechanism or negotionation tool to aid in this . Could get complex to implement, but would be a great twist to building. “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” philosophy.