[Game Ideas] Earth songs to Mars and our own music of game

Hi, guys. In a past post, I suggest you add music to game. I was thinking about how or what type of music. I have two aditional ideas:

  1. Famous music of Earth like “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Could be a music station (like a radio). The ideology of this is that humans on Mars want to remember the best songs of Earth (you can do a survey to comunity and we decide). The problem here is that is that I don’t know If we could have problems with author rights, question to research.

  2. Fututiristic music of game. In adition to radio, we can have our own music of game, like DFK for example. According, to the our game it could be a futuristic music (electronic music or something like that), also here, the community can decide what type of song or what specific alternative to choose.

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The music is definitely a must-have. It creates 80% of the vibe for DeFi Kingdoms. And should work for MC too.

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Thank you, but we are so different in terms of musical preferences. I hope we will agree :wink: