[Game Ideas] Energy and Construction timer

Energy generation and storage as well as scarcity of human workforce are key concepts in space exploration.
Here are some ideas :slight_smile:

Energy Points and impact on buildings production

  • Power production becomes a more central topic. Energy points are introduced.
  • Robot Assembly and Transport come with a base Energy points production thanks to their own solar panels, but it’s not enough to make them work at 100% capacity.
  • Energy requirements are met by building additional levels of Power Production.
  • When a building hasn’t enough Energy, its production speed decreases proportionally to the missing energy. So for instance, with a linear model, if a building needs 1000 Energy points and the Power Production + the building’s production generates 200 Energy points, then the building produces at 20% of maximum speed.
  • Users can adjust how to allocate the Energy points generated by the Power Production. Meaning they could redirect 100% of Power Production to a specific building in order to increase temporarily its production, but it penalizes the other buildings which will fall into energy shortage.

Robots and construction timer

  • It takes time to create a new robot, infrastructure and big objects (such as spacecrafts).
  • Robot Assembly level limits the number of robots you can produce per day and the speed at which every robot is produced.
  • Robots are required to build big infra and big objects, the construction time depends on the number of robots available.