[Game Ideas] Gameplay ideas

  1. Players can assign inhabitants/explorers in colonies; doing so will provide bonuses in a colony like:
    • More CLNY rewarded
    • Discover items used for forging/synthesizing equipment
  2. Inhabitants/explorers can be customized using equipment which can be:
    • Purely cosmetic
    • Stat upgrades
  3. Special equipment can be attached permanently to an inhabitant, turning it into an NFT with extra special upgrades
    • This is so the player can have lots of inhabitants, and have the option to make an inhabitant unique by turning it into an NFT
  4. A player can open his/her Land for other players to assign their inhabitants
    • Renters pay the land owner rent which should be cheaper than buying land
    • This mechanic will allow players who want to focus on building inhabitants to still enjoy the game, even if they don’t have land
  5. Have a shop where players can buy/sell land, equipment and inhabitants
  6. Aliens can spawn in colonies
    • Players can team up and deploy their inhabitants to to capture or defeat the alien
    • Rewards can be items and CLNY
  7. Land can be upgraded to have defensive structures which help when an alien invasion happens

Lastly I’m wishing the game would be more interactive rather than just having a wait time and then completing a task.


Thanks for your vision. Don’t stop.

Thanks! More ideas here:

  1. Players can have spaceships which can travel around the planet for exploration
    • Farm items like bounty hunters
    • Station the ship on land for passive bonuses like CLNY or items
    • Spaceship owners can also participate in trading
    • This allows MarsColony to cater to an unlimited number of players not just 21000
  2. Have Factions which players will create and manage
    • Similar to guilds in online games, players can choose a faction to join
    • Each faction can have a different set of bonuses, and the faction leader can choose a different bonus once a month for example
    • Faction members can chat w/ each other (this can just be Discord)

I think open more land on satellites would be amazing to let more community have lands.