[Game Ideas] Give a Landowner the ability to split their land plot up into smaller land plots to create Gen 1 land plots from Gen 0

Another way to add value to entry, would be for the land owner to create “sub plots” for sale or rent , i.e. sub dividing land into smaller plots like we have in real life. creating the ability to give ownership to more than 21000 land owners, but maybe 6x, 12x, 24x or so. Obviously this type of subdivide would also mean that the currently allocated clny production would be equally split up. For example. a base farm plot produces 1 clny per day. A land owner might decide to break up their plot into 10 smaller pieces to be sold off on the open market. This event would convert the 1 plot into 10 plots and split the 1 clny into 10 x .1 clny per day. Owner could then choose to sell only 2, rent 2, and keep the rest for themselves. This could definitely help offset the price of entry and still give newcomers a shot of land ownership if they can’t afford the current price of a plot of land, or the future price of a plot of land.

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Once an nft is minted, it’s not possible to change it though, correct? I think the addition of martians and other playable characters/ forms of transportation should allow non landowners to partake in the game without complicated subdivisions of land.

I would imagine since an NFT has a address no different than a token, it could be burned the same way a token could. I’m no expert, but the principle is the same. A smart contract is created that requires an NFT as payment in order to create x number of NFTs in exchange. Not sure this is something that can/should be implemented now, but perhaps later when the citizen concept is implemented and functioning with more complex features.

yep, it is possible as burning and minting smaller plots