[Game Ideas] Land market place: visiblity on map, rent/lease

Hi Team, a few ideas to make the buying experience…

  1. Show what has been built on each land
  2. Show which Lands are listed for sale on the map (different color maybe)
  3. “Rent” the lands so that other can come and build on it.
  4. “Lease” equipment and share the benefit.

I like the idea of planet view and being able to see what lands are actually for sale. Save myself some time on LatvsLong

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Ya, something that can read from NFT Key. No need for two marketplaces…please.

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Thank you, we will implement some of your ideas in further stages.


Amazing! Love to hear that

Those are great Ideas… maybe can add a bubble when mouse pointer hovering over that land… something like this:

| Land #XXXXX |
| “R: x $CLNY/d/w/m” | ===> Rent: x $CLNY/day/week/month
| “L: x $CLNY/d/w/m” | ===> Lease: x $CLNY/day/week/month

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These are great.

To have each as an overlay option so that can be checked and unchecked to show on the Martian surface would be even better.