[Game Ideas] Mining vehicles

Hello Team,

New here, like many of us are. I love the foundation of this game and its simple tokenomics which will make for an interesting future.

My suggestion is around the possibility mining resources or additional CLNY token by purchasing a mining vehicle as an NFT which can be sent to other plots of land to mine over a set period of time. Here is my rough thinking…

  1. Each plot of land could have a set amount of minable resource each day which an NFT can be sent to harvest. The resource does not roll over to the next day if not mined.

  2. Each plot has a maximum number of miners they can own (only so much room to park).

  3. The landlord can open up their land to allow others to mine on it, or it will be restricted to the owner.

  4. The landlord ‘renting’ out their land for mining will collect a tax as a fee on what is mined (thus providing incentive for the owner to rent out if not interested in mining)

  5. If the land is locked so that only the owner can mine on it then the owner would obviously keep 100% of the resource mined.

  6. Miners can only be sent out a set number of times a day with an appropriate cooldown after each.

Mining CLNY would be the most beneficial, but other resources for to be used further down the roadmap could be interesting… Perhaps precious metals for other constructions to increase CLNY minting? Just brainstorming

Thanks for taking the time to read :slight_smile:


This and some type of exploration would be fun.

I like this idea a lot!

I likes this. I’m just worried about all the rewards being paid in CLNY. Maybe another token would be great to avoid devaluation.


Hey @Alvadr

Resource mining, harvesting and renting land from a landlord are truly great concepts we can potentially implement. A marketplace can be added on top, allowing users to trade resources or use them to upgrade characters.

Thanks for the great ideas.