[Game Ideas] Mostly Visual Upgrades with Utility

Here are my few small suggestions:

  • Every time you upgrade, the plot will have a visual update. Getting a base station will show a base station and so forth. There should be options for colors and structure look to avoid visual clutter/repetitiveness.
  • Adding a flag for the plots that you own, it could show your nationality, or just create a unique one.
  • Craters should have a bonus. Bigger craters have small but better incentives than smaller ones. Sample bonus like adding the crater name along the Land # would give better valuation to that plot.
  • A very very small additional bonus for having your lands near each other, it could be a 2-3 lands range to give the feeling of synchronization.
  • Adding a governor to your land. A persona that would manage a plot or even whole territory you own would be nice. Governance vote will be shown, every time you participate, etc. They can also use spaceships.
  • Expansion of land within the same blockchain. For Mars, the first 10% of lands minted by different wallets will have a small plot of land within the 2 moons of Mars, either Deimos or Phobos.

Great job guys, really excited about this project! :rocket: :philippines:


Just gonna run through these suggestions giving my view/add to them. They’re all so great and make my brain start to run away lol.

•I totally agree from the “planet view” perspective upon upgrading land with the additions you get a visual representation. As of right now you’ve got four build slots per land. I think it should stay within 4-5 build slots. I had a quick thought of something like a solar panel field/geothermal/wind to generate colony as well. Idk, Different looking buildings to increase variety while still maintaining the 4-5 build slots. Would also encourage different strategy? Maybe you’d want a plot of land that is just a giant solar field dedicated to generating CLNY.

•Like the general flag idea. I would assume at some point some kind of other currency is introduced within the game. Keep CLNY for minting and what not. But a currency to use for other things. Missions/quests/achievements/resource trading. Similar to DeFi Kingdoms Gold. Maybe even able to use this Mars Currency to further your own personal customization in a specific shop.

•Definitely agree with the crater idea. Just to generalize it more I think the planet should be broken up in terms of resources. When resources come. Some areas being more rich than others. It would encourage an internal marketplace with trading/providing/buying/selling the created in game resources. Craters could be more valuable in the sense that they provide more of these specific materials/resources. Different resources could have different variations of building according to where they’re at on map. To increase variety. For example energy, maybe some areas would benefit more to Solar specifically, maybe some would benefit more to geothermal, some to wind…etc. Do a combover of the planet and really flesh out the land to make each area feel different and have different benefits. Maybe I’ve got some land in a certain area that doesn’t provide me with any of a certain resource and that pushes me to look into the internal marketplace and find myself someone who is selling what I need!

•Having a small bonus for having bought lands close to each other would be pretty awesome. Like you suggested. Not sure how the coding on that would work. But it’s a neat idea! Bonus being based on proximity up to a certain distance. The closer the better. I personally bought my own little square of lands for my own immersion! Had the idea in my head to create my own city lol. At least I’ll pretend in my head :smiley:

•You mentioned the idea of a governor and that is an awesome idea. Made me think of the hero system over in DeFi Kingdoms. Maybe have the governor role tied to having to be a land owner. Governors could be NFTs themselves with their own attributes and bonuses to either CLNY or resources. I’m not sure the whole direction the team is planning. A lot of what I’m thinking is tied to being a land owner. So I’m not sure how we’ll bring the new player base in. I see land owners as the control of the overall tokenomics health in general with minting and burning. Creating the game around this core is gonna be interesting. Introduce maybe other roles down the road for new player base who don’t own any land. Unless I missed it in the white paper the next on boarding just sounds kinda hard. I know they have February coming up. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s done.

•Another good idea. Maybe aim to have the moons more of a Wild West. An area for exploring/missions to take place in a more general sense.

But hey it’s 3am. I liked a lot of what you threw out there. I’m excited to see where this goes and how it grows. I just was spitballing in general. Throwing stuff out there. Roadmap and direction can always change a little. Happy to be apart of this cool project. Astroneers is a great game to reference resources and what not. I’ve also seen alliances mentioned. I’m no expert by any means and look to gobble up any kind of info I can about this!


Guys, it looks like the instruction of instruction :star_struck:
Thanks a lot

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