[Game Ideas] Proximity Bonus to Drive Land Trading

I propose offering a proximity benefit to land owners. For example, if I own multiple plots of land that border one another, then a base station added to one of those plots will reduce the price (by, say, 10%) of adding a base station or other upgrade to an adjacent plot.

I think this would drive trading and selling of plots as people try to group up their plots to take advantage of this proximity discount.


Hi @TresTres. In theory idea makes sense.

Just having a few concerns about it. Those users, who initially had bigger budgets, could have purchased more pieces at ones and that are close to each other.

At the same time, users who have lower budgets, holding just one piece, are not going to get any discount. If that’s the case, this creates an unequal situation for some users. However, I might be wrong. Just my point of view here.