[Game Ideas] Secondary NFT - Satellites/Stations/Orbitals and/or Underground caverns

I have noticed that some people believe the land drop was too limited and allowed some people to become big whales. Why not create a secondary NFT that allows more money to come into the game and create reasons to develop an internal economy of trading clny/land for other resources or opportunities after clny mining is over. I also think clny has a lot of opportunity but is too easily sold due to the need to provide liquidity to people holding land or other assets. There need to be a few layers of trading that allow us to minimize the volatility of clny while still enabling trade and growth to all the owners and participants of this project.

So here are my ideas:

Satellites/Orbitals - Minted with random attributes (production/service) and sizes (small to large) depending on buyer demand which are sent to a community wallet or burned. These nfts generate consumables (deliveries from earth) for use by people and facilities on mars (oxygen, food, water, etc) and sold to land owners and hero buyers in exchange for clny/one/etc. Alternatively, they can be used to provide decentralized services (a quasi off-chain dark pool for example) that allow people to sell/trade clny/resources/etc without having to list it on a 3rd party site or effect the overall market. Owners of these nfts collect fees on services or generate profit from selling consumables that randomly generate products of varying rarity or value. Much like land, they are upgradable to increase chances of rare drops or production or increase in daily open orders/sales slots.

Underground caverns (multiple layers/generations) - Similar to the satellites, these caverns give owners of other nfts and tokens an opportunity to spend resources for a potentially valuable reward. Each cavern has randomly generated artifacts, resources, etc. For example, each cavern has a randomized artifact plus a replenishing consumable/resource that can be used by the orbitals and land owners. The underground plots can be rented, sold or the plot owner can lease/buy workers to mine it themselves. Every daily mine has a chance to drop the artifact of a varying rarity. Once the artifact is found, that plot is no longer able to generate an artifact. Artifacts are “Researched” or need time to “unlock” and provide a unique and interesting value to other colonists.

These nfts give people another reason to join the game, possibly allowing more users to come in without having to pay hundreds of dollars for a land nft, and potentially gain just as much as the early land buyers without effecting the production of clny or the value of clny/land. Adding layers of market dynamics could help stabilize clny, make it more valuable or give new people an opportunity to invest in the project and help it grow.


love the imagination to this !!!

I come up with products for a living so it kinda applies to everything!

Thanks for your vision. It looks like a nice addition to the game!

fantastic and well thought out idea! would love to see this implemented!