[Game Ideas] Spaceship Landing Pads: A Feature to Expand the User Base Through Generating Playable NFTs

Mars Colony is off to a great start with the initial minting of all 21,000 plots of land. This has helped to establish a strong initial user base from which the project can continue to grow. The goal now is to figure out how we can increase the active user base by implementing some game dynamics that allow people to play the game without owning land.

A thought that we could explore is introducing a game dynamic that is inspired by DeFi Kingdoms – which is a project that undoubtedly has been successful. This game dynamic, though, would be analogous to the summoning feature of Gen 0 Heros (i.e. the genesis NFTs of DFK), and it involves generating playable NFTs from the genesis NFTs of the Mars Colony project (i.e. the Mars land plots).

What we’d want to do is figure out how to implement this game dynamic in a way that fits the lore and theme of Mars Colony. Here’s an initial idea we could explore:

Give the option to land owners to build a space station landing pad (which would require CLNY to build). Once built on a plot of land, that space station would receive an incoming transport space ship – which would drop a new human playable NFT (similar to a hero in DFK). We can incorporate a timeout so that a human can only ever ben “generated” every X amount of days per land plot; this could fit into the theme/lore because this timeout could represent the amount of time in space travel it takes for a spaceship to arrive to Mars from Earth.

This is just an initial seed of an idea that we can explore through discussion, but whatever we explore, it is undeniable that DFK has designed a successful formula that involves genesis NFTs generating new playable NFTs. Adopting this formula would thus allow the Mars Colony user base to grow past the initial user base – which is what the project needs.

So in conclusion, Mars Colony should explore an analogous game dynamic as the DFK genesis hero summoning to grow its user base for the future of Mars – and beyond. :man_astronaut: :woman_astronaut:


Very good ideas, thank you

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I love the concept of Land generating genesis NFTs for martians. Furthermore, i think land owners would be required to produce a base station on their land or risk it being taken over by invaders and listed on the open market. This will prevent land whales from simply holding and accumulating land and not developing it.

Also, Landlords should be limited to 10 lands per wallet, just to prevent whales from accumulating. But thats just an idea.

Also, CLNY, should be locked up in a percentage model, especially for landowners who automatically generate colony. As a land owner myself, i feel a lockup model similar to DFK will reduce the current dumping we are seeing of CLNY, particularly by land whales. landlords should be encourage to spend CLNY to upgrade their units, not simply dumping to pay their light bills. This can be easily implemented in an update.

Also, Martians should be plentiful and cheap initially. Massive increase in user base is essential for the success of this project. If this planet is reduced to a handful of landwhales, this project with definitely falil.

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