[Game Ideas] Stats, Plot Highlighting, Digging for WATER and more

Some ideas from my end:

  1. Would be great to have a stats overview page to see how many plots have been upgraded so far. How many base stations etc to get a feeling how active mars inhabitants are.

  2. Possibility to highlight lands that were upgraded to see whether and how active your neighborhood is

  3. Possibility to connect with your neighbours via chat, message or social media

  4. Possibility to form states/guilds (combine plots) for bigger upgrades

  5. Since minting of CLNY token comes to an end, there should be a possibility to gain other resources. My idea is to create a second infinite or finite token WATER which can be used to make your plot more habitable. WATER can only be minted if you have a respective upgrade (water pump or something named more catchy) which should be bought with CLNY tokens if you have all or almost all other upgrades. WATER can than be used to grow your population over time which itself can represent your voting power in a DAO for your state/province/whole mars.

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Thank you for your interesting ideas.