Game of Perfect Configuration -an idea at its very beginning.


I’ve been thinking about utilizing the CLNY burning feature of replacing buildings in plots.

So let’s say there is this perfect configuration of buildings in each and every plot which is unique for each one of them.
And let’s say we have emission epochs resetting each week and randomizing each plots emissions changing from %10 of their full emission to %50 of their full emission. And only by finding perfect configuration of buildings for each land can this emission be made %100.
By using avatars in lands to find the perfect configuration of buildings in each land in order to rise the emission of that land to %100 during the week a new game can be designed.

Thougts about Avatars’ finding the perfect configuration of the buildings mission:
Each avatar will find the perfect config in 1 to 4 iterations. Number of iterations will be determined by the xp of the avatar. There will be randomness involved as well.
Avatar will pay CLNY to implement each building replacement iteration. And receive CLNY as a reward for making the land’s emission %100 again by working on that land.

Thoughts about rewards:
Say the land’s emission is 10CLNY per day. In the beginning of the epoch the new emission assigned to the land randomly is, say, %10 which is 1CLNY per day. Say we are in the very begining of the epoch so the difference is 7x9=63CLNY reducing in each instant. For the sake of the arguement say we are in the very first instant and the avatar worked on this land and found the perfect config hence generating a 63CLNY value to the land. Avatar will take %10 (subject to optimization) of that 63CLNY. Avatar will pay CLNY which will be burned for making each iteration. The fee for replacing a building (iteration) will be proportional to the reward and will be burned in the begining of each iteration.

May this idea be taken as a seed and please feel free and ardent to improve this idea in every way. Thank you.

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